The advantages of using Voice Technology for Property Reports

There is nothing more time consuming for anyone than creating property reports. Constant administration tasks can burrow into your availability each day and stop you from being productive with the tasks that matter more (and are more enjoyable!). Many of these tasks (marketing properties, documenting details, networking, hunting for new leads) are all about communication.

That’s why voice technology allows real estate agents to dictate can be a game-changer. After all, it’s all about improving your communication. Here are a few advantages of using voice technology for your real agency work.

The benefits of Voice Technology

If you haven’t tried free dictation software yet, you might not know the freedom of using voice technology. Here are some of the key advantages.

Boost your Productivity

The most significant benefit of voice technology is making you more productive. Real estate agents are constantly on the move, which means that anytime they must tap into their software to take down physical notes interrupts their workflow. You have to stop, get your observations ready, type, and move on. Agents can check tasks off their to-do list hands-free with dictation software. This means you can document your observations about a property whilst you’re moving through it, describing as you go, with the object of your note right in front of you.

Reports2Go comes with the ability to use speech technology in two different ways – you can use the device’s speech recognition engine when composing a text report – you have the option to have the device recognise spoken descriptions and have them converted to text on-the-fly. The second option is to use the application as a Dictaphone and record your descriptions. These can then be self-transcribed or have them written up by Reports2Go staff.

Get ahead of your Competition

Like all areas of the economy, the lettings arena is a competitive business, and its best practices are constantly in flux. With the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has taken a front seat with accelerated the move to digital. More companies’ firms have picked up a range of technologies to better communicate with customers, offer remote viewings, and speed up their reports and documentation. For example, voice dictation is faster than typing, freeing up time for core tasks that let you keep ahead of your competition.

Anytime, anywhere

Free dictation software can help cut down administration time on the go. This requires no additional equipment than what you’d typically carry on yourself already: Your phone. Reports2Go is available as an Androids and iOS App. In addition, you can use your device’s inbuilt voice recognition for many other tasks including email and text messaging, making appointments, note taking and setting reminders.

Curious? Check out Reports2Go today to see how you can use voice dictation to streamline your property reports process. With this technology, you’ll rarely need to look down at your device again to capture details about a property.

Gary, 22 April 2022
The advantages of using Voice Technology for Property Reports

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