How to do an Inventory: Part 1 - Preparation

Conducting the first inventory, can seem a bit of a daunting task. So here we present a set of blogs to help you through the process.

As with many tasks, preparation is the key. What is the saying - the rule of 7Ps? Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Particularly Poor Performance, right?

So, start with having the tools to do the work. A smartphone or tablet with a good camera and our loaded-up with our Inventory App , of course!

Next a bag with these items:

  1. Disposable Gloves
  2. Wipes (yes, you’ll need them!)
  3. Hand gel
  4. A stick or rod with a soft rubber end to reach alarm test buttons; an umbrella will do
  5. FB2 keys to open communal meter cupboards; you can get these in several lengths along with FB1 and FB4 variations. FB stands for Fire Brigade, by the way.
  6. Four-way multi-functional gas and electricity meter cupboard key
  7. Set of two manhole keys for lifting water meter lids; these have a tapered end of getting at the lifting notch
  8. A battery power pack and charger lead for smartphone/tablet
  9. Notebook with page perforations to be able to tear away pages
  10. A torch - the camera light sometimes is not enough especially for meter cupboards
  11. Some ID in case you are challenged

Ensure you have key pick-up organised. Will you have enough time to get there and complete the work? With changing times to dusk, having enough time to complete with good light available is sometimes overlooked.

Next time we will cover, planning the inventory at the property.

Panos, 09 October 2020
How to do an Inventory: Part 1, Preparation

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