Doing an Inventory: Part 2 - At the Property

Having collected the keys, you are at the property. So again, the mantra of good planning leading to good result applies. You have to get a measure of the task in front of you. Assuming this is an inventory, and this is the first time you are reporting on the property, you need to first determine the order in which you’re going to work through the it.

Conduct a quick tour. Follow a clockwise or anti-clockwise route through each floor, noting the rooms that are present and any obvious issues that you will need to take care of later. Note any similarities in the layout and furnishing of the rooms. For example, each bedroom may have the same style of lights or curtains. You can make the job of creating descriptions much easier by noting which are the same items in multiple rooms.

Generally, areas such as basements are to be avoided. Steps can be particularly steep and lighting is sometimes not the best. You can create the relevant room but just make a note that it has not been inspected.

Keep a track of alarms and detectors – these will have to be tested later.

As you go along, add the rooms to the Reports2Go free inventory app.

Take a look outside; check the state of the gardens. What is the condition of the lawn? Are any walls or fencing in need of repair? There may be outbuildings such as a storeroom or shed. Pay particular attention to the state of the front and rear facades. Note any signs of failing guttering or water leaks. Identify location of the meters. Often in flats the location of a particular unit’s parking space or bin store can be a mystery defying logic. A lot of time can be wasted locating these. If possible, ask for the location of meters, parking, bin store and stop cocks when picking up the keys.

Once you have toured the property, begin with taking a good picture of the front of the property – it will be the cover picture for the report. A few words describing the location and general construction style or the property plus the number of bedrooms will act as a cover page summary.

Next time we will look at how to describe items and contents.

Panos, 16 October 2020
Doing an Inventory. Part 2 – At the Property

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