The Easy Way to Nail Property Reports

Are you tired of dealing with messy paperwork and headaches when moving tenants in or out? We've got the solution for you - our amazing end-of-tenancy app by Reports2Go.

What is This App?

Our App is super simple to use but packs a huge punch. It lets you create detailed reports on any property - whether it's a regular home, student housing, or those houses with multiple tenants.

Here's what it can do for you:

  • Inventory Reports (a schedule of condition prior to letting)
  • Check-In Reports (documenting the condition when new tenants arrive)
  • Mid-Term Inspections (keeping tabs mid-tenancy)
  • Check-Out Reports (assessing any damages before moving out)
The best part? You can make these reports on our easy web Portal. Or use our mobile App for doing it on-the-go! Mix and match however you like.

Our App links up with Arthur. And it works like a charm whether you use an iPhone or Android.

Pricing? We've got you Covered

Want to just try it for free? No problem! But if you need extra features like your company logo or custom terms, we've got affordable pay-as-you-go options. Or get one of our monthly/yearly plans for low and unlimited usage.

Confused about anything? Our support team has your back! We'll answer any questions and ensure you're getting the most out of our App.

Oh, and one more thing - we also offer a top-notch inventory service in Cambridge where our trained staff can do the whole report for you.

What's Happening in Housing These Days?

The housing market's heating up with rising prices and sales. But buyers are picky, so properties need to be pricedright to sell fast. Here are some highlights:

  • Home prices are up month-over-month
  • Around 15% more homes sold compared to last year
  • Experts optimistic about continued sales increases
  • More homes listed for sale than 2023
  • But borrowing costs could impact the recovery
With so much action, having a slick report process is crucial for landlords and agencies. That's where our end-of-tenancy app saves the day:

  • Lightning fast reports - no more wasting hours on paperwork
  • Accurate records with photos & notes - no missing details
  • Works for any property type - houses, flats, you name it
  • Use it anywhere, anytime on your mobile
  • Make it your own with custom branding
  • Add features affordably when needed
Join the modern era of property reporting with us.

Give us a shout today to learn more about our game-changing App. Leave the headaches behind and transition to an easy life.

Dan, 10 May 2024
The Easy Way to Nail Property Reports!

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