How Proptech has evolved Property Reports

Technology has been a force to be reckoned with across all industries, and property is no exception. Though real estate has sometimes been slow to adapt to new digital tools, it’s no surprise that those agencies that evolve with the times often offer a better experience to landlords and tenants alike.

But even private tenants can benefit from observing what property technology is available today to make their lives easier. For example, apps can streamline tedious paperwork and organise important information, such as inspection reports.

In this article, we look at how Proptech has changed property reports.

From Paper to Email to Apps

As little as two decades ago, it was customary for all business documents to exist in physical form. Environmental activists have long preached the importance of saving on paper, where possible, and technology has answered that request.

Reports and important documents first moved to email, but even this is now considered a thing of the past. Instead, mobile apps have revolutionised how landlords and estate agents can update and store property details.

But where information is kept isn't thing about property reports that's changed. Technology also evolved how we take notes in the first place.

Memo recorders were introduced after the second world war. Since then, dictation machines have come leaps and bounds from this initial technology. However, they still couldn’t replace manual note keeping.

Modern Proptech and Property Report Apps

Now, inventory clerks and tech-savvy landlords can do away with the clipboard and notebook entirely.

Some modern inventory apps like Reports2Go come with free dictation software. This allows landlords to stay on the move and focus on their observations. The app converts speech to text.

On top of this, the software organises notes per item, allows you to add pictures, and formulates all this information into a formatted property report. You can then easily share said report with all the relevant parties. The introduction of electronic signatures even removes the need to arrange a separate appointment with tenants to sign-off on visits and reports.

The Benefits of Digitalizing the Process

Digital innovations like free dictation software and inventory apps have streamlined check-ins, periodic inspections, and end-of-tenancy reports. The benefits of using such software are plain:

  • Faster, more convenient note-keeping
  • Better organised reports
  • Time-stamped pictures from within the app to add to relevant notes immediately
  • Easy access to previous reports as templates when preparing the next visit
  • Ability to see how the condition of a property has changed over time
  • Notifications and reminders to schedule periodic inspections
If you’re ready to enjoy the advantages of modern Proptech, visit Reports2Go today to check out our software for landlords and letting agents.

Panos, 27 January 2023
How Proptech has evolved Property Reports

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