Outsource Rental Property Reports & Maximise Your Time

Keeping detailed inventories and up-to-date property condition reports is tedious but essential for rental owners and managers. Outdated or incomplete documentation can lead to major issues down the line.

Reports2Go offers an inventory clerk solution to compile standardised, visual-supported property records. Read on to see how our specialised software can maximise rental portfolio efficiency.

The Multitude of Challenges with Manual Reporting

If you self-manage inventory tracking and property inspections, you likely grapple with the following issues:

  • Difficulty Scheduling Regular Reports: Between turnover cleans, maintenance requests, and other obligations, rental managers have chaotic calendars. Finding time to document every property becomes nearly impossible. Important details slip through the cracks.
  • Inconsistent and Disorganised Records: Rushing through walkthroughs in between other responsibilities leads to missing or conflicting data over time. Without standardised reporting, uncovering documentation issues can take ages.
  • Lack of Supporting Visual Evidence: The absence of accompanying photos leaves your written observations without vital visual backing. In disputes over damages or claims, such documentation can prove essential.
  • Outdated Contents Logs: With no centralised system, maintaining a real-time inventory of what each unit contains gets harder as your portfolio grows. Asset registers grow obsolete quickly.
While attempting self-managed reporting might seem cost-effective initially, the long-term risks of scattered and incomplete documentation are too grave to overlook.

Specialised Software that Matches Seasoned Personnel

Purpose-built for property reporting, the Reports2Go app handles end-to-end documentation to match specialised personnel.

Our well thought through solution tackles the gamut of tasks seamlessly:
  • Thorough Content Cataloguing: Keep track of every item down to the smallest utensils.
  • Detailing Damages/Updates: Identify repairs accurately.
  • Change Logging: A history of reports highlights any deviations in contents or condition.
  • Written Record Compilation: Structured templates and optimal content organisation ensure reporting consistency across your portfolio.
  • Attaching Visual Evidence: Every observation submitted includes photos or text descriptions as relevant supporting documentation.
Reports2Go provides complete standardised records rivalling a dedicated on-site clerk.

By implementing Reports2Go's inventory clerk service, you benefit from the rigour and consistency of seasoned property reporting specialists. Streamline portfolio-wide documentation and unlock growth potential with Reports2Go.

Dan, 08 March 2024
Outsource Rental Property Reports & Maximise Your Time

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