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Since 2008 thousands of inventories, periodic reports, check-ins and check-outs have been completed with our inventory process.

Free iOS/Android app

Designed to work on all iOS/Android devices the Reports2Go application allows jobs to be created and scheduled. It is designed to be used by landlords, freelance inventory clerks and larger multi-branch organisations that may have multiple staff engaged in inventory management.


Our staff transcribe your audio and combine them with the photos you have taken to produce a final report.

Accuracy with Ease

The app guides you through important items of each room. You describe the condition of categories like floor, ceiling, windows, fixtures and fittings as appropriate and take photos to backup descriptions.

Customer Portal

Along with the app is a portal that allows you to access completed inventories, manage your account and run reports on past activity.

Check-ins and Check-outs

During Check-in and Check-out all pictures and transcribed descriptions from the original inventory are available on the device making the task of comparing condition straightforward and accurate.


Reports are available in PDF format. Before being made available for download, completed reports are internally checked by a QA team.

Inventory Service

Our inventory clerks provide an inventory service to APIP standards. Click below to create a booking or get an estimate.


Text mode reports are FREE! You can pay for certain enhancements as per the table below. If you choose Audio mode, meaning using dictation, then we charge £5 + VAT per bedroom plus £5 + VAT to type up the report. So a two-bedroom property would cost you £15 + VAT. That is the charge for a full dictation based inventory delivered 48 hrs after uploading media. Text mode reports are delivered a few minutes after media is sent to our portal.

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We offer 2 modes by which you can compose inventories: Audio mode and Text mode. Choose the mode that suits your circumstances. We don’t apply limits to the amount of dictation.
In Audio mode you use dictation. Our app captures your dictated speech and our staff type up your descriptions. With Text mode, you use our intelligent predictive keyboard to create descriptions. Our keyboard technology knows about the section e.g. Ceiling that you may be working on and intelligently offers words as you compose descriptions. Text mode is FREE! with some optional paid enhancements. Audio mode is charged according to the number of bedrooms in the property.
There is no subscription charge or monthly fee. Everything chargeable is PAYG. Text mode reports are FREE! with optional paid enhancements on a pay-per-use basis. Audio mode reports are charged by the number of bedrooms in the property - £5 + VAT per bedroom plus £5 + VAT for typing up a report. You purchase ‘Credits’ on the portal and call them off against reports.
For Text mode reports it is £1 + VAT per enhancement.
Text mode reports are available on your portal account a few minutes after the media is sent to our portal. Audio mode reports are on a 48hr turnaround as standard. You can upgrade delivery for Audio mode reports to Same Day or Next Day by spending more ‘Credits’.
You can download a report via your portal account. The login button is at the top of this page. Use the same credentials as those when you registered the app. You are sent an email notification when reports are ready.
If you have done an Audio mode report you have 30 days to edit. If you need to do further edits, this is available via a paid enhancement. There is an edit button alongside the report listing. If you’ve chosen to do a free Text mode report then editing is enabled by purchasing the paid enhancement.
You can access reports as long as you keep your account active. You keep the account active by logging in at least once every six months.

About Us

Our goal is to provide tools and services to carry out inventories, check-ins, check-outs and periodic surveys efficiently and cost effectively.

Customer Service

Customer service can be contacted by phone 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri. We can also be reached using email and IM. Our standard turnaround for reports is 48 hours but these can be reduced to 24 by specifying Express and same day by specifying Urgent. We are here to help be it a simple 'how to' question or something more complex.

Proven Solution

We have delivered thousands of complete inventories since 2008. Many dozens of inventory clerks and letting agents have carried out jobs all over the UK. Many users have simply been given a configured a smartphone and completed a job successfully with zero input or training from ourselves. Easy to use and intuitive software.

National Reach

Working with our inventory clerk partners, report services are provided on a nationwide basis. If you do not have staff or the time to conduct do your own onsite data capture then talk to us. We may be able to put you touch with an organisation that already provides these services in your area using our tools and systems.


Our systems operate on a 24 x 7 basis. Since our transcription services unit overlaps with UK office hours, work on creating reports continues out of UK hours and can be delivered, if requested, on a shorter turn-around than the standard 48 hour report delivery. Next-day and same-day reports are also possible.