End Of Tenancy App

On the conclusion of each tenancy a check-out process should be carried out. It provides a formal mechanism for the handover of the property from the tenant to the landlord/letting agent and allows the landlord to continue to the next tenancy or whatever they have planned for the property. Usually the tenant will have removed their belongings from the property and have had cleaning undertaken to return the property cleanliness to the state as at the start of tenancy. Sometimes a professional clean is agreed to be undertaken by the tenant as part of the tenancy agreement.

An end of tenancy app makes the task of check-out all the more simple and straightforward. It provides a structured process for completing the necessary formalities such as handing over the keys, recording the end of tenancy meter readings etc. Apart from that the end of tenancy app also allows the person carrying out the checkout to note the condition of all rooms, fixtures and fittings.

If there is any variation as to the condition of items at the time of the report versus at the start of tenancy, then that evidence can be used to charge repairs or the cost of making good to the deposit held by the landlord/letting agent. In any consideration regarding deterioration normal wear and tear has to be allowed for. For example, carpets that may have been new at the start of tenancy cannot be expected to be the same after, say, a one year occupation. The judgement of fair wear and tear is down to the experience of the person conducting the inspection.

Reports2Go offers a free end of tenancy app the allows anyone with an iOS or Android to conduct a comprehensive check-out. It guides the user through the check-out process and helps to ensure that important steps such as the capture of meter readings etc. are not missed out. Other features in the free end of tenancy app are surveys of the overall condition and that of appliances.

Our free condition report software supports the full property lifecycle from inventory, check-in, check-outs and mid-term inspections. An inventory report is undertaken at the start of the tenancy usually done a few days before the tenant moves in. Check-in is carried out with the tenant at the actual start of the tenancy and usually involves minor adjustment to the inventory report, for example, updating the meter readings. Mid-term inspections are carried out by the letting agent whilst the tenancy is in progress usually initially at 3-months and then at 6-month intervals. It aims to ensure that property is being maintained well and that the tenancy is compliant with the rental agreement. It also provides a method for the tenant to relay any concerns about maintenance and the fabric of the building which would fall on the landlord to rectify. Finally, the check-out it conducted at the end of the tenancy and acts as the ‘before and after’ comparison report and the nub of any deposit claw back.

Paid enhancement to the free end of tenancy app allow the user to add their own Ts and Cs (a standard set is included in the free end of tenancy app), logo and ability to edit the report afterward at a desktop.