Mid-tenancy Report

An important component of the service provided by letting agents to their landlord are mid-term inspections to ensure the property is being looked after as per the tenant agreement. These can be performed by the landlord themselves. The resulting document is called a mid-tenancy report. It is the result of a pre-arranged visit to the tenant premises.

Regular mid-term checks also allow the tenant to raise concerns about the fabric of the property and enable maintenance to be carried out well in advance of a minor issue becoming a major problem e.g. a leaking drain leading to water ingress.

When carrying out the inspection, it needs to be speedy so as to not be too much of an incumbrance on the tenant, and yet, able to capture the main issues that are the centre of a mid-tenancy report: is the property being occupied as per the agreement? If smoking and pets are not allowed then these terms need to be confirmed. Is the decorative order still as at check-in, barring acceptable wear and tear.

A mid-tenancy report also provides the tenant a formal method of raising any issues they may have with the property. There may be leaks, or damp that need attention. If an issue has been identified, the mid-tenancy report provides a method of capturing the tenant’s side of the story highlighting any mitigating circumstances.

Reports2Go have developed an app that will save a considerable amount of time when undertaking a mid-tenancy report check. The app is free to use and supports the full report lifecycle: inventory, check-in, check-out and mid-tenancy reports.

For mid-tenacy reports it is just a of filling out a quick survey, take supporting photographs, and allowing the tenant to provide feedback and alert the landlord to any pending maintenance.