Mid-term inspection app

Mid-term inspections, sometimes called periodic inspections are carried out to ensure that the property on rent is being maintained and the tenancy is operating under the terms agreed. For example, the landlord may have insisted on no-pets or smoking, and the agent needs to confirm that is indeed the case.

Mid-term inspections are also a two-way activity for they provide an opportunity for the tenant to report issues back to the landlord. These might be items such as a leaking boiler or issues with an appliance provided by the landlord. The landlord is responsible for the general fabric of the building and must ensure that the property is compliant.

A mid-term inspection app allows you to carry out the periodic inspection using your mobile phone or tablet. The intention is to speedily cover all important aspects of the inspection as unobtrusively as possible.

It is a requirement that the tenant be notified in writing before an inspection is carried out and also to be given at least 24 hours’ notice. The tenant or their representative must be present during a mid-term inspection.

Reports2Go provides a free mid-term inspection app. The app is actually capable of doing reports for the whole property report lifecycle: inventory, check-in and check-outs. Each of these three reports can be carried out completely free. The periodic inspection report costs just £1+VAT for each report. The app itself is free to download and there are no subscriptions or monthly charges.

The free periodic inspection app is cleverly designed around surveys with mainly yes/no type answers and a place for additional notes. Pictures can be added too as can comments from the tenant. There is a convenient place for capturing the condition of items that may be of concern.

All-in-all, Reports2Go’s mid-term inspection software represents a huge saving in time in completing a necessary step in a successful tenancy. It helps to maintain a good dialogue between landlord and tenant and to see that issues do not get out of hand.