Inventory Check-Out Reports

The check-out report is the result of a final end-of-tenancy inspection. It is usually carried out on the day of exit, but sometimes it can be a few days later. Often property is professionally cleaned after the tenant has moved their items out and the property has been returned to a tidy state.

Occasionally, the tenant will accompany the inventory clerk whilst they are conducting the check-out report but often it is carried out by the clerk on their own. The principal aim is to record the condition of rooms and contents as at the point of handover. It is important to also capture the readings for the gas, electricity and water. Some properties, particularly modern development of flats, have a ‘heat meter’ that records the amount of hot water supplied to the property. The water is heated centrally for the entire development and pumped to the accommodation. An element of the service charge is usually associated with the readings taken from the heat meter.

Apart from meters and condition the check-out report also confirms that all fixtures, furnishings and white goods remain in place. A note is made if the condition of any item is poorer than can be expected from normal use wear and tear. Also, if damage has occurred, for example, to the carpets in the form of stains, then the check-out report will provide the mechanism to record such damage.

The check-out report is an important element in dispute resolution as when combined with an inventory and check-in report it can provide the information to arrive at the correct decision.

Reports2Go provides a free check-out report app that is easy to use and combines time-stamped photographs with text descriptions to record and establish the condition of a property and its fittings at the end of the tenancy. The free check-out report app is structured and guides the user through important stages such as noting the meter readings. It provides for maintenance issues that need to be addresses before the property tenancy is moves.

The free check-out report app also has some paid for enhancements such as the adding a logo, specific Ts and CS and the ability to edit the report from a desktop.