Inventory Check-In Reports

When a tenant is ready to move into a property, the landlord or their letting agent usually conducts a ‘Check-In’ . A tenant is shown round the property and the keys are handed over. Usually the meter readings are taken with an accompanying photo to be sure of the values at the start of the tenancy.

A check-in report follows on from an inventory. It is common practice to have completed the inventory before the tenancy commences and to have sent the report to the incoming tenant ahead of time so that they can familiarise themselves with the condition of rooms, fixtures and fittings. The check-in report is a formal confirmation of the condition of items referred to in the inventory at the point of handover. It sometimes happens that there are some discrepancies between the inventory and state at check-in. This may be due to the length of time between the inventory and check-in or an oversight on the part of the inventory clerk. Meter readings can change even in an unoccupied property over just a few days.

The check-in report allows for such changes to be recorded.

Reports2go offers a free check-in app that allows the capture of the state of rooms, enter meter reading and complete a quick appliances and decorative order survey. The free check-in app also allows photos to be added. Each of these is timestamped to reassure that the image was indeed taken at the time of the check-in. Some paid-for enhancements are possible to the free check-in app, for example, getting a combined inventory and check-in report in one document organised in a multi-column format. Photographs from the inventory are also available for a ‘then-and-now’ comparison.