Inventories made easy with Reports2Go

When you are a landlord or lettings agent one of the most tedious, yet essential, jobs is to undertake an inventory, check-in, check-outs and mid- term reports. Of course, not only do you have to undertake these reports, but they need to be accurate and detailed because your clients are relying on you to get it right and so that know that their tenant’s deposit is managed well from the outset.

Ideally, the tenant should be present when you undertake inventory because you can both agree on the condition of everything and if there are any items that have scratches, dents, and so on, so that while an appliance may function perfectly well you are both aware of the damage and it will go into your inventory report. With the tenant present, neither side can make spurious claims later on. However, that is not always possible and especially so in the current state of affairs with the pandemic.

Of course, some matters could be handled at check-in but usually the tenant is in a hurry to move in and they have other things on their mind on the day of moving in. So generally, a few days grace is given to the tenant to report back anything they spot.

You also need to carry out mid-term inspections. How often you do so is up to you, but many start out with an initial one at three months moving on to every six months thereafter.

Many agents with a large portfolio of properties will have a member of staff dedicated to property reports or be outsourcing all of their work. With tenant fees legislation in place now, this can be an expensive process.

Our inventory app at Reports2Go is there to help you reduce the number of hours spent on reports while at the same time increasing accuracy.

You can download our app from Google Play or the App Store to your mobile or to a tablet. This makes taking inventory so much easier. You can use the app in one of two different modes either text or audio.

In text mode you simply type up your notes as you go from room to room and when you have finished the inventory you upload it to your portal on our server and in a few minutes it will be ready for you to download.

Crucially, the Reports2Go app will ensure that your inventory is complete and that you don’t miss anything. As you go from one room to the next, the app will prompt you to look out for things in that room, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom, living room, and so on.

The best part about all this, apart from the huge amount of time it will save you?

It’s all FREE!

That’s right. It costs you nothing to us the Reports2Go app!

However, we do have some optional extras, for example, if you want to enhance the report with your own Ts and Cs and logo.

If you prefer to outsource, and your property is in and around Cambridge, you can use us! We offer inventory services in Cambridge.

Yes, our inventory services in Cambridgemean that we will do everything for you so you don’t have to worry about inventory at all. They are really easy to use. All you do is click on the Inventory Service link on our website, click a few boxes, and you will then see the fee that we charge for that particular inventory. Then simply click on Book Now.

Job done!

Gary, 05 March 2021
Inventories made easy with Reports2Go

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