Customisable Inventory Reports: Diverse Property Management

You know how crucial inventory reports are for landlords, property managers, and tenants. But did you realise just how flexible inventory reporting software can be?

At Reports2Go, we provide fully customisable property inventory tools to meet the needs of any property type or management situation. One size does not fit all when it comes to inventory reporting!

Residential Rental Customisation

Let's start with something most property managers deal with - residential rentals. These run the gamut from cosy one-bedrooms to sprawling multi-family properties. No two are exactly alike.

You might need to tweak section orders for different floor plans. A basement unit may require sections for mechanical rooms and egress windows, while an upstairs flat needs attic access points noted.

The flexibility to add custom items is key too. One property may have a pool that needs its reporting section. Another may have smart home integrations worth documenting.

You can fully customise the terminology as well. A "mud room" in one report can be listed as the "back entrance" or "utility room" in another based on what term the client prefers.

Use custom property templates to make reports in your own specific style.

Commercial Property Variations

When it comes to commercial properties like office buildings, customisation is crucial for addressing all those specialised areas and amenities.

You can add sections for conference rooms, networking closets, shared lobbies and hallways, lettable storage properties, and more. Don't forget outdoor spaces like car parks that may need their sections too.

Use our Survey templates to create specific question/answer traffic light surveys for site inspections and incident reports.

Multi-Use Complexes

Properties with mixed uses like residential properties above street-level retail are increasingly common too. You'll need to blend customisations to handle both the commercial and residential aspects.

You can add custom sections for shared amenities too - like a gym, outdoor space, or parking. That way nothing falls through the cracks.

Our software opens up a world of customisation possibilities to align with your properties' precise needs. Capture every relevant detail, optimise your processes, and rest easy knowing no stone was left unturned. In addition to our property inventory app software, we also offer an inventory service where our trained and insured clerks will complete a report for you. At present, we offer this service in the Cambridge and surrounding areas.

What are you waiting for? Get started customising your ideal inventory reports system today! Hit us up to learn more about our flexible, scalable solutions.

Panos, 14 June 2024
Customisable Inventory Reports: Diverse Property Management

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