An Inventory Guide for Tenants

If you are a tenant in a property, one of the things that you should be given when you move in is an inventory. This is a list and report on the condition of the property and everything in it on the day that you move in, and ideally you should be present when the landlord or their agent carries out the inspection because it enables you both to agree. If you cannot be present, you should be given a copy of the report and allowed a few days to agree with it or make any comments. The inventory is important because it will determine whether you get back all or only some of your deposit when you leave.

Both you and the landlord, or their agent, are required to sign/validate the inventory, so if you were not present it is important to be thorough before you validate it.

Sometimes you may not be given a copy of the inventory because the landlord does not provide one. In this case you are allowed to produce your own report and ask the landlord to sign it. If he or she does not want to, you can have it countersigned by an independent witness.

The inventory report needs to be accurate, especially about the condition of things. So, for example, if there is a scratch on the dining table it should be recorded and, ideally, photographed, so that you cannot be held responsible for it at the end of your tenancy. If there is everything detailed for everyone to see, you are less likely to have a dispute with your landlord and therefore get your full deposit back.

Fair Wear and Tear

Your landlord also must allow for fair wear and tear. Things such as carpets get walked on, and over the course of time they will wear out. This is the responsibility of your landlord in the same way that you would have to replace the carpet if you owned the home.

Carrying out the report can be done simply by making notes and typing them up. However, many landlords and letting agents today prefer to use the free dictation software that we provide at Reports2Go. They can download an app to their mobile or tablet and instead of writing notes on a notepad they can simply dictate their notes to the app. So, they might say something like “Scratch on the fridge door” when they ae in the kitchen. Then they just upload the audio to our server, and it is ready for them to type up back at the office. Some of them prefer to have our staff do that for them for a small fee.

Our free dictation software enables landlords and agents to carry out an inspection far more quickly, and it is also more accurate. The software will give them prompts as they go from room to room, and this ensures that they don’t miss anything out. So, the result is an inventory which is better from everyone’s point of view.

Panos, 25 February 2022
An Inventory Guide for Tenants

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