Moving In? We've Got Your Back with Superb Check-in Reports

We are excited to introduce our app feature - the check-in report. This handy report provides property managers and landlords with a detailed overview of a rental unit's move-in condition. With clear photos, room-by-room descriptions, and customisable sections, our report sets the stage for a smooth tenancy from day one.

The Benefits of a Detailed Check-in Report

  • Establishes a record of the unit's initial condition - With clear documentation and photographs of any existing wear, tear or damages, there is a point of reference for the move-out process. This helps avoid unwarranted damage claims.
  • Allows for personalised unit notes - our customisable report sections mean key unit details or areas needing extra attention can be flagged from the start.
  • Provides renters with needed transparency - by providing renters with a copy of the report, there is accountability and open communication around the expected condition of the rental upon move-out.
  • Creates efficiency for staff - with all the move-in details in one place, less time is spent recollecting specifics or searching out the initial documentation.
Overview of our Check-In Report Features

Our check-in report is centred around an easy-to-navigate template that guides you through documentation. Key sections include:

Entry Area and Halls
  • Entry door, walls, floors, switches
  • Hallways, cupboards, flooring
  • Cabinets, counters, appliances
  • Sink, taps, plumbing
  • Walls, flooring, windows
  • Walls, flooring, windows
  • Cupboards, light fittings
  • Furniture (if applicable)
Main Living Areas
  • Walls, flooring
  • Switches, outlets
  • Appliances, fireplace
Outdoor Areas
  • Porch, patio, deck
  • Exterior doors, walls
  • Fencing, landscape

Tips for an Efficient Move-In Process

Utilising the reports is an important piece of your rental onboarding process - but a few additional tips can set the stage for smooth operations:
  • Share detailed move-in instructions - providing renters guidelines for utilities, emergency contacts, rubbish schedules and more gets the relationship started on a helpful note.
  • Offer pre-inspections - allowing potential renters to view the unit ahead of move-in limits surprises around condition.
  • Set expectations early - communicating policies around payments, maintenance requests and more avoids issues down the road.
  • Conduct in-person walkthroughs - no report replaces showing the renters around the property and pointing out key areas.
Reach out if any other questions come up about using our app's features. Here's to many smooth move-ins ahead!

Gary, 12 January 2024
Moving In? We've Got Your Back with Superb Check-in Reports

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