Inventory Clerk? There's a Free App for That!

By downloading our free inventory clerk mobile app for your inventory inspections, you'll be able to enjoy numerous benefits over old-school techniques:

  • All-in-One Convenience
    Thanks to the app, you can leave the camera, notepad, and pen at home. You'll have everything you need on your device. No more juggling multiple pieces of equipment.

  • Professional, Consistent Reports
    Inventory apps provide templates and guided walkthroughs to ensure you comprehensively document every aspect of a property. Your reports will look clean, formatted, and polished - increasing your professional reputation.

  • Eliminate Transcription
    One of the biggest time-wasters for inventory clerks is transcribing your handwritten notes. With an app, you can type observations directly on your device as you go. No more deciphering bad handwriting later. If you prefer, you can also use the audio mode and let someone else transcribe the report.

  • Attach Photos Seamlessly
    Quality photos are a must for any inventory report. You can snap pics and embed them directly into your report with just a tap. No more struggling with printer/scanner combos. Photos are time-stamped for all to see when they were taken.

  • Save Time & Increase Productivity
    Between eliminating excessive equipment and automating the reporting process, inventory apps allow you to work exponentially faster. You'll be able to schedule more inspections and increase your income.
The Best Option: Reports2Go

Reports2Go’s full-featured and user-friendly app is 100% free download. It has a trial mode so you can check out all its feature then continue with a Pay-as-You-Go mode from just £1 per report and other plans to give you unlimited reports for a week, month or year!

From check-ins to check-outs to thorough property inventories, the Reports2Go app guides you through each step with intelligent prompts and suggestions. You can easily capture room descriptions, and conditions of floors/ceilings/walls, and make itemised lists of furnishings. The intuitive interface and predictive keyboard streamline your data entry.

Once you've completed documenting the property, Reports2Go automatically compiles all your notes and photos into a professional PDF report that you can share instantly via email. No additional formatting or styling is required, as Reports2Go generates a polished document.

Best of all, Reports2Go is exceedingly easy to use. The app walks you through the entire inventory process with simple menus, checkboxes, and text fields. Within minutes of installing Reports2Go, even a tech-unsavvy can jump right in and put this app to work.

With such robust capabilities offered at no cost, it's easy to see why Reports2Go has become the go-to inventory app everywhere.

So, ditch the pen, paper, and camera for good! Download a free inventory clerk app on your mobile device and experience the freedom of conducting inspections with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Your tenants - and your wallet - will thank you.

Panos, 12 April 2024
Inventory Clerk? There's a Free App for That!

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