Our App saves you a lot of time on Mid-Term inspections

As an established letting agent you no doubt have many landlords - and even more properties - on your books, as a lot of landlords have several properties. As part of the service you will be providing mid-term inspections to ensure the property is being looked after as per the tenant agreement.

Regular mid-term checks also allow the tenant to raise concerns about the fabric of the property and enable maintenance to be carried out well in advance of a minor issue becoming a major problem e.g. a leaking drain leading to water ingress.

Carrying out a regular mid-term checks can be a drain on resources but they have to be carried out. It’s important also not to inconvenience the tenant so a speedy inspection is paramount. However, in haste, important issues can be easily overlooked. This is where our Reports2Go free property inventory software comes in. Reports2Go we have developed an app that will save you a considerable amount of time when undertaking an inventory check. Not only that, to use the app is FREE!

Yes, we have created a free inventory report software that you can download from the App Store or from Google Play in order to make your life a whole lot simpler. It has many features developed over 10 years.

For mid-term inspections you just fill out a comprehensive but quick survey, take photographs of any items of concern, allow the tenant to provide feedback and alert the landlord to any pending maintenance. Quick and simple!

Gary, 24 September 2019
Our App saves you a lot of time on Mid-Term inspections

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