The Benefits of Pre-Checkout Inspections

An end-of-tenancy report, or check-out report, is completed for the landlord once the tenancy has ended. The report is an integral part of the tenancy process because it covers the condition of the property and the security deposit during the tenancy period.

As we previously reported, the new Renters’ Reform Bills means reporting at the end of the tenancy is more important than ever. To complete an end-of-tenancy report, you must have a sample of all relevant documents and receipts. These include expense invoices, receipts, deposits and various agreements involved in the rental process.

Whilst an end-of-tenancy app makes this process easier, it's still worthwhile to put more thought into the check-out process. We recommend completing a pre-checkout inspection in preparation for the end of the tenancy.

In this article, we’ll tell you why.

What is a Pre-Checkout Inspection?

A pre-checkout inspection is an inspection that occurs a few weeks before the end of the tenancy. Like any other periodic inspection, the purpose of such a visit is to detail the property and its fixtures condition.

This is an opportunity to note items that require action or replacement. You can then inform tenants what they need to do in the following weeks to receive their full deposit back.

Here is the step-by-step end-of-tenancy process if you factor in a pre-checkout inspection:

  1. The landlord notifies tenants of their responsibilities before the end of the tenancy
  2. A pre-checkout assessment is carried out, and tenants are informed of the results
  3. Tenants have time to return the property to its original condition
  4. The landlord performs a check-out inspection
  5. The check-out report is formulated using an end-of-tenancy app
  6. Tenants can accept or challenge the report
  7. The return of the deposit is negotiated
  8. The deposit is released
What are the Benefits of Performing a Pre-Checkout Inspection?

It’s in everyone’s best interest if tenants return the property in its original condition, and that’s why a pre-checkout inspection to help tenants in this process is so valuable.

It ensures that:

  • You’ll maintain a good relationship with your tenants
  • There is less property maintenance required between tenancies
  • The transition from one tenant to the next is quicker
  • It’s easier to avoid disputes, as there is another record of the condition and there is a paper trail of communications
Although a pre-checkout inspection requires additional effort, the process can be more straightforward with a free end-of-tenancy app like Reports2Go. Investing in a pre-checkout report ensures that the end of a tenancy can be wrapped up quicker, and you will have new tenants in your property in no time.

Gary, 05 December 2022
The Benefits of Pre-Checkout Inspections

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