Cut Costs, Not Corners: The Best Property Reports Solution

In the past, landlords and property managers faced a lot of hassle getting inventory checks done. They had to expensive third-party inspectors to get property reports completed.

Now, with easy-to-use property inventory software like Reports2Go, inventory management has become so much easier. Landlords and property managers can do the whole inventory check themselves using the software’s features. They can document everything about the property, its condition, and what's inside, all without needing to pay for those expensive reports.

And the best part? These apps create professional reports that meet the requirements of protecting the property fabric having a fair method of managing deposits.

The Reports2Go software will dramatically cut costs for landlords. Did you know that the average per-month cost of traditional inventory report for a two bedroomed unfurnished flat is around £80? Reports2Go’s free inventory report software, is of course, FREE to trial and if you like the reports you can carry on for as little as £1 per report!

We take care of the entire report process, from start to finish. This includes Inventory, Check-In, Mid-term, and Check-Out reports. You have the flexibility to create these reports either directly on our Portal or by using a combination of our handy App and Portal. Plus, we seamlessly integrate with Arthur® and fully support both iOS and Android platforms.

You can enhance your report by adding your own Logo, Terms & Conditions, or any other extras, you can do so on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, without any long-term commitments. Alternatively, you can opt for one of our convenient Pay Ahead™ Plans. With these plans, whether you choose weekly, monthly, or annual options, you get incredible value. They include options for unlimited reports with all the enhancements included.

We provide 4 types of reports for you to choose from:

  1. Inventory Reports
  2. Check-in Reports
  3. Mid-Term Reports
  4. Check-out Reports
Inventory reports are more than just boring paperwork (in our case the ‘e-docs’). Inventory reports have become a must-have for every property manager. These reports can save a major headaches, and also, cash.

You can document every little detail about your property, be it a small scratch or a spill mark. With high-quality time-stamped photos, you can ensure solid evidence to back you up.

When tenants move out, disputes over damages and deposit deductions can happen. Without good documentation, it becomes a classic case of "he said, she said." But with an inventory report, you have a rock-solid defence against any claim dispute.

These reports aren't just handy for move-out – they're also help with for maintaining compliance with housing regulations and tenant laws. With a high quality report, you've got that covered.

Trust me – our free inventory report software is worth its weight in gold when it comes to hassle-free rental management.

Gary, 05 April 2024
Cut Costs, Not Corners: The Best Property Reports Solution

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