The Importance of Hiring a Trained Professional to Provide an Inventory Service

Landlords and letting agencies who want to manage their properties professionally and quickly understand the importance of an efficient start and end tenancy inventory system. Doing so avoids disputes and potential loss of income. In addition, it turns the property around quickly so that new tenants can move in.

There are several reasons why using a trained inventory professional can make life easier for agents and landlords:

They save you time

While landlords and agencies may want to save on costs by conducting inventories themselves, by freeing themselves up and delegating this task to a professional inventory service, they can better focus on other aspects of their business. For example, finding suitable tenants, ensuring repairs and upkeep of the property are on track.

Typically, a professionally trained inventory clerk will use inventory management software to capture room descriptions, add images, etc. This includes spaces to write descriptions of walls, rooms, windows, floors and so on, and capture appropriate time-stamped photos to accompany them. A good inventory report should be a substantial document which has taken time and effort to complete.

Less room for error

There is a financial risk to a landlord if there are errors, inconsistencies or missed sections in an inventory report. For example, if an untrained person omits a repair that needs to be addressed, this could be a costly error or a missed meter reading. A professionally trained inventory service can help limit this risk and standardise and analyse an inventory at the end of an inspection. This is particularly important in case safety procedures and compliance issues need to be addressed.

Reputation management

If you’re a professional landlord or a letting agent, your reputation is essential, especially if you want to attract high-calibre tenants who pay their rent and treat a property with the care it deserves.

Whether you use a professionally trained inventory service or become qualified to do inventories yourself, doing so can potentially reduce any tenant disputes you have at the end of a tenancy. In addition, ensuring you offer tenants a smooth check-in, check-out, and mid-tenancy experience means you are upholding a good reputation within the letting industry while saving yourself a lot of hassle by reducing inventory errors and disputes.

Make life simpler

Property inventory software can simplify the inventory service you provide. For example, if you have a comprehensive inventory report conducted by a professional, you can quickly document and address any issues before, during and after the tenancy.

Our inventory app can create detailed reports for multiple or single tenancies from check-in and mid-tenancy to check-out.

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Gary, 26 May 2023
The Importance of Hiring a Trained Professional to Provide an Inventory Service

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