Attract Dream Tenants and Max Out Your Profits

Think about it:

During Tenancy: You can easily keep tabs using periodic inspection software and comparing them to the original report. Heading off any potential damage issues before they get out of hand.

Move-Out: Just refer back to those reports! You have solid proof of any new damage or missing items beyond normal wear and tear. No more his word against yours over keeping that security deposit.

With detailed records from move-in to move-out, you protect yourself from getting ripped off while also treating tenants fairly based on facts rather than accusations.

Plus, having professional condition reports makes marketing vacant units easy. You can show prospective renters the actual documented state of the unit - no old, staged photos or uncertainty about what needs fixing.

Vacancies get filled faster because people can make rapid decisions instead of taking a gamble. You spend less on turnover costs and repairs between tenants.

And those detailed reports create a paper trail that can save you from deposit headaches down the road. You have solid evidence if any disputes ever arise about damages, living conditions, or wrongful removal of a tenant. Covering your bases is smart business!

The best part? Getting professional condition reports has never been easier or more affordable than with user-friendly apps and services like Reports2Go. Our periodic inspection software walks you through capturing comprehensive room-by-room details with photos and descriptions.

You can create reports entirely from our web-portal, or use the mobile app for fast data entry right at the property. We have all the smart features to make reporting easy while looking super legit and official.

The benefits just keep on giving through:

  • Higher occupancy rates from appealing listings
  • Lower turnover costs and vacancy periods
  • Preventing damages from ballooning out of control
  • Avoiding deposit disputes and issues over property condition
  • Increased property value from documentation

Whether you self-manage a few units or run a large portfolio, those reports quickly start paying you back in savings, satisfied tenants, and higher profits.

So, what are you waiting for? Using a service like Reports2Go is an easy, affordable way to gain a competitive edge and start maximising your properties' earning potential today.

The choice is yours - keep doing things the old-school way and fighting to get by. Or give your business a professional boost with comprehensive condition reports that attract tenants ready to show your properties some serious love (and rent money!).

Gary, 07 June 2024
Attract Dream Tenants and Max Out Your Profits

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