Property Inventory App? What can I expect for my money?

Whether you're a landlord or tenant, clear and concise communication between all parties involved makes for a happy relationship. Property isn’t cheap. Both living costs and housing prices have been steadily climbing by an average of 4.3% per year since 2011. Now, in 2022 the property market is at an all-time high, thus pushing other costs such as rent and holiday home fees up.

As a landlord or tenant, it's vital to have an accurate, comprehensive inventory report to ensure everyone is on the same page right from the start of the tenancy.

To create a good report, you need an easy-to-use app that has passed the test of time. So, what is the Reports2Go inventory app?

The App

Reports2Go app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. It offers all the functions needed to create a comprehensive inventory and all subsequent reports such as Check-in, Mid-term inspections and Check-outs.

The app works in conjunction with a portal. You capture details, descriptions and photos, and send to a cloud-based server. Then you login to the portal and manage your reports via your portal account. One great feature of the app is the Intelligent Keyboard EngineTM (IKE) that helps you compose descriptions. It knows about property contents and helps with inventory terminology.

This Report2Go App is a free property inventory app.


This is a free package with a restricted level of access, including:

  • Free App
  • Great Looking Reports
  • Create standalone Inventory, Check-in, Mid-term or Check-outs
  • Access to the Portal
  • Downloadable PDF of Reports
  • Surveys (Appliances & Overall)

Pay As You Go
There are a few of PAYG options from just £1+VAT; With these you can:
  • Personalise Ts & Cs
  • Personalise Logo
  • Edit reports for up to 30 days
  • Edit reports for up to 30 days
  • Create multi-column reports that are based on previous reports e.g., Inventory -> Check-in or Inventory + Check-in -> Checkout.

Pay Ahead™ Plans
These packages are superb value because they allow you to use any paid-for feature for any report for an unlimited number of times. You can create as many reports for as many properties as you like whilst the plan is active. You get access to a report previewer that allows much simpler distribution of your report. The previewer also allows tenant comments and feedback to be created and sent automatically to your portal account for you to edit and amalgamate into the report.

There are three options: weekly, monthly or yearly each offering increasing value. They cost £8.33+VAT weekly, £29.99+VAT monthly or £299+VAT annually.

Any of these is an excellent choice; the price includes support and cloud storage for your reports. The flexibility of features means that they can be customised to your unique needs.

So, looking for a free property inventory app? Look no further than Reports2Go. Sign Up today for free!

Dan, 29 April 2022
Property Inventory App? What can I expect for my money?

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