Our FREE app makes Inventory Reports so much easier

When you are a landlord, whether you own one property or many, one of the most important considerations is taking an inventory. This is far more than just a list of what is in the property, because it refers not just to the property itself and any contents, but above all the condition that they are in at the time the inventory is taken.

Inventory should be carried out before the tenant moves in and then when they move in a second report is taken known as a check-in report. When the tenant moves out, there is the check-out report. Ideally, the tenant should be present on both check-in and check-out because it is then that both landlord and tenant can agree on the condition of the contents.

If the tenant cannot be present, then the check-in report should be carried out on the day the tenant is due to move in, or even on the morning of the day. Similarly, the check-out report should be carried out on moving out day, or very soon thereafter, to avoid issues with time delay. Ideally, lots of photographs should be taken because as they say – a picture paints a thousand words.

Of course, it is a good idea to conduct periodic inspections during the course of the tenancy. These help to show up any damage that appears to the fabric of the building or essential repairs that need to be carried out. It gives you as the landlord the chance to spot anything small that might get worse and cost a lot more to fix later on. Quite often, a tenant may not report very minor issues such as a damp patch or may not even notice some things. Interim checks can be carried out when required, but usually three months initially and then every six or so months.

One of the problems with taking inventory is the sheer amount of time that it takes. It is bad enough if you only have one or two properties, but if you have several it can seem as though you are spending a lot of time doing nothing other than inventory.

This is the reason that we have designed our free inventory app at Reports2Go as it can speed up the whole process and will also ensure that you don’t miss things out. You can download the free inventory app from the App Store or from Google Play for your mobile or tablet.

Once you have the app installed, it makes generating inventory reports a lot easier. Our app has been designed so that you can use it in one of two modes – audio or text mode. With text mode there is a custom predictive text keyboard that you use to type the description and condition of everything as you go from one room to the next. It features a predictive algorithm that will prompt you to check things as you go. So, for example, it knows about ceiling and curtains and will help you to generate the right description.

Once you have completed your inventory you send it to your portal on our servers and within a few minutes it will be ready for you to download.

You can also use the app in audio mode, In this case you simply dictate your comments into the app as you go. This makes the process of taking inventory even faster. When you have finished, you upload to your portal, and it will then be ready for you to type up when you wish. Alternatively, you can have our staff type it up for you for a small fee.

Gary, 30 July 2021
Our FREE app makes Inventory Reports so much easier

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