The Importance of the Reports2Go App for Inventories

When you have a tenant in a property, it is a fact that it will not be in the same condition at the end of the tenancy as at the beginning. This can be for a number of reasons, not the least of which is fair wear and tear. Carpets get walked on and they simply do not last forever. Furniture gets used, chairs get sat on, appliances – if supplied – get used, and everything ages.

There may also be cases where breakages occur because of the tenant’s carelessness, negligence, misuse, or even deliberate damage. For example, a tenant may have put up a lot of pictures with subsequent damage to walls. That is not deliberate damage but does need to be made good at the end of the tenancy.

This is why it is essential to have an accurate inventory report at the beginning of a tenancy and also interim reports and a check-out report when the tenancy ends. It benefits both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord is protected by the tenant’s deposit, so if there are breakages or deliberate damage, he can retain sufficient to repair or replace items that have suffered unduly. However, it also benefits the tenant, because with interim reports it becomes apparent when things are suffering from normal wear and tear, and that is the responsibility of the landlord and not the tenant. It also means that the landlord is more likely to recognise that an item is subject to wear and tear and is not the fault of the tenant, so they are less likely to argue the point at the end of the tenancy. Check-in and check-out reports, together with regular interim reports, are so essential.

Unfortunately, carrying out inventory is a very time-consuming business, particularly if you do it the long-hand way with a clipboard, biro and a camera. Believe it or not, some letting agents still do! However, there is absolutely no need for that when you use the app that we have created specifically for letting agents and inventory clerks at Reports2Go. What is even better is that using it is free! Yup: no charge.

In order to use our app you simply download it from the App Store or from Google Play to your mobile or your tablet. Once you have done that you have choices. You can either type up your notes as you go through the property or you can use the included dictation software and dictate into your phone or tablet. Either way, when you have finished your work on site you upload it from your phone or tablet to your portal on our server. If you have typed up your notes, the report will be ready for you to download within a few minutes.

However, if you have used the dictation app in the Reports2Go software, you can type it up when you get back to the office. Better still, you can save yourself the trouble and ask our staff to do it for you. If you have us type it up, we charge you a small fee per bedroom in the property, and we deliver the finished report back to your portal. There is no limit to the amount of audio that you can dictate.

You can begin to see just how much time you can save with the Reports2Go app, especially if you let us do the transcription. Your time can be efficiently spent working through many properties in a day. Or if you prefer you can type as you go along with assistance from our intelligent keyboard which know all about property reports.

Our app also ensures that you don’t miss things out. As you go through the property the app will give you prompts in each room, in the garden, the garage, and so on, so that when you have finished you know that you have covered everything.

Gary, 08 June 2020
Importance of the Reports2Go App for Inventories

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