How inventory clerk software can help your business

A property inventory clerk provides reports that record a myriad of details about a property’s state before renting it out to new tenants. This requires excellent attention to detail, as clerks must record the state of permanent structures like walls, carpets, windows and doors and details about fixtures, appliances, decor and furniture.

The property inventory process can be slow and tedious, but its importance can’t be understated. Without an accurate inventory, landlords risk losing money at the end of a tenancy if there is no evidence of new damage to the property. In addition, they could then be left to face repair costs and renovations themselves.

Inventory clerk software is designed to make the inventory report generation process as intuitive and straightforward as possible. It streamlines the note-taking and ensures every bit of information is neatly organized and easy to access. It makes the formulation of an inventory report simple both for clerks and landlords who want to keep their own records.

If you’re thinking of using inventory clerk software in preparation for your next tenancy, you might be wondering:

What can inventory clerk apps do?

Inventory clerk apps
Let's consider the benefits of using inventory clerk software:

  • All information in one place - Inventory clerk software allows you to easily combine text, images and sometimes even audio from one interface. You’ll likely have to take many pictures that you’ll later have to correlate to the correct object during the inventory process. With inventory clerk software, you can add a photo directly to the thing you are currently examining with your text description.
  • Productivity - Inventory clerk software ensures you don’t have to focus on your inventory layout and data organization. This cuts down on lots of tedious admin work. Even better, many inventory clerk apps come with dictation, which allows you to record your observations on the go by simply speaking them out loud.
  • Don’t miss anything - Inventory clerk software comes with pre-made inventory templates. These provide an easy checklist to follow to ensure you haven’t missed any crucial details.
  • Easier Comparison - Software will allow you to quickly compare the property inventory from the start of a tenancy to the inventory at its end. By comparing side by side, it’s easy to see where issues might have arisen and discuss how to settle the deposit.
  • Downloadable PDF of Reports
  • Surveys (Appliances & Overall)

In short, utilizing free inventory clerk apps are a great way to save time, deliver accuracy and simplify the process.


An accurate inventory is a vital document to ensure your interests as a landlord are protected. The more detailed and organized your inventory, the easier it is to prove damages that occurred during a tenancy and therefore ensure you can use the tenant's deposit to make good.

Inventory clerk software holds your hand throughout this process and makes a tedious administrative task much more manageable. Try our software today to be better prepared and organized. You can find more information on our website.

Panos, 13 May 2022
How inventory clerk software can help your business

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