Doing an Inventory: Part 5 - Enhancing the Report

Working with our  Reports2Go Inventory App we can make a couple of changes to add those finshing touches to the report. We’ve covered the four steps to getting a report ready, you may want to use a couple of features that are available on the portal.

The standard report comes with a basic set of Terms and Conditions. They cover the minimum in terms of disclaimers and the scope of the report. You may have your own extras and specific do’s and don’ts and advice on looking after the property as well as what might be expected for mid-term inspections and check-outs. It is good to include tips for the tenant to be on top of the upkeep and the best way to retain a full deposit.

All you need is a Microsoft Word file with your Ts and Cs. Upload the file to your portal under the Logos and Ts and Cs tab. To include your version, simply pay the enhancement fee when generating the report and select the file. If you are an inventory clerk and have a number of different Ts and Cs for specific clients, you can upload as many as you like. Set a default and pick a different one as needed just before you generate and download a report. The Preview function will help to ensure that it is all looking good.

The Ts and Cs enhancement also allows you to add your own logo to the report. Both enhancements are covered in one single fee. Again, you can have multiple logos on your portal for specific clients. Load the logo file, which needs to be in JPG format, from your desktop. You can set the default to be for the most frequently used one.

Occasionally, you may have pictures sent to you by the tenant post check-in for item condition that may differ from the report. You can add these into the document at any time. It is usual to allow the tenant around a week or five working days to report any mismatches.

To update the report, use another paid-for feature – Edit reports. This function allows you up to 30 days to make changes to a report from the uptake of the enhancement. Text for any room or section can be modified and so can tags for pictures. If you have been sent pictures, you can import them into the document. The picture date and time will be set to the time of import.

In many ways, the Edit function is a very quick way of creating the report as a whole. Some users prefer to take meter readings, check alarms and then take copious pictures of the contents and room conditions. All the text and tags are added back at the desktop using the Edit feature. It can make for a great time saving.

Try out these features on your next report!

Panos, 06 November 2020
Doing an Inventory: Part 5 - Enhancing the Report

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