How Mid-Term Inspections Prevent Budget Blowouts

With a slick mid-term inspection app, doing mid-term check-ins is easy. Just grab your phone or tablet and rapidly document every room's condition via text, or photos.

Most landlords do inspections every 3-6 months. By catching issues early through these simple walkthroughs, you can:

  • Address maintenance problems before they escalate
  • Remind tenants of their responsibilities
  • Document any unauthorised tenant changes
  • Suggest easy cleaning or organisational tips
Staying proactive helps ensure your property stays in tip-top shape from check-in to check-out. That means avoiding nightmare repair bills down the road.

Given significant regional variations in house prices - declines in the East and rises in the North West - inspection strategies are essential. These inspections reduce long-term repair costs and maintain competitive rental rates, improving ROI. Using regional market data to inform inspection schedules ensures properties remain well-maintained and competitive despite economic fluctuations.

Higher Property Values & Happier Tenants

Think about it - would you rather buy a rental property that's been maintained or one with a history of neglect? Houses in great condition command higher sale prices when you eventually look to cash out.

Consistent inspections help maximise your property's resale value years down the road. That's a huge boost to your long-term ROI as an owner.

Plus, well-maintained units tend to attract better-quality tenants who treat the place with respect. They'll be happier staying in a nice home, which reduces turnover costs from constant vacancies.

It's a total win-win! You preserve and increase your property's value, while your tenants get an enjoyable living experience.

Getting Started with Mid-Term Inspections

Hopefully, this has you fired up to start implementing mid-term inspections! It is one of the smartest, highest-ROI things you can do as a rental property owner.

With Reports2Go, getting started is ridiculously easy:

  1. Download the free mid-term inspection app for iOS or Android. It's designed specifically for creating fast, accurate mid-term inspection reports.
  2. Sign up and you'll get 5 free reports to start. Play around and test out the smart text tools first.
  3. After the free trial, it's just a few pounds per report to access premium features like custom branding and unlimited cloud storage.
  4. Set a reminder to do mid-term inspections every 3-6 months. It'll become routine in no time.
  5. Between inspections, use the neat maintenance tagging features to easily document any issues you notice while at the property.
  6. Upgrade to a Pay Ahead™ annual plan and you’ll be able to design your own question/answer survey for mid-terms.
Sign up for Reports2Go and start maximising your ROI through smarter mid-term inspections.

Dan, 21 June 2024
How Mid-Term Inspections Prevent Budget Blowouts

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