The Reports2Go App makes Property Reports simple

When you own a property which you rent out to a private tenant you are entitled to require a deposit from the tenant which must be kept according to strict rules which have been in force since April 2007. The aim of the deposit is for you as a landlord to be able to use part or all of the deposit if the tenant causes damage to your property over and above normal wear and tear. Whether the damage is caused accidentally or with intent does not matter.

However, figures from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme show that there has been a considerable rise in disputes over deposit claims, with over one third of all agents and landlords making claims. Part of the problem is that it costs the tenant nothing to dispute the claim which then has to go to arbitration. This is why it is essential for landlords and agents to undertake inventory, check-in reports, interim reports, and check-out reports that are of the highest standard so that it makes it more difficult to dispute a genuine claim.

Many agents and landlords will instruct a third party to carry out inventory reports so that it makes it harder for the tenant to claim that there is a conflict of interest. There are indeed many companies who provide independent inventory reports and who are members of ARLA Property mark Inventories who provide the Property mark qualification which we have ourselves at Reports2Go.

Indeed, if you are a landlord or agent in the county of Cambridge, we can provide you with a property inventory report in Cambridge, and also in Norfolk and Suffolk. All you need to do is to click on the Inventory Service link on our website, enter a few quick details about the property for which you require a report, and you will get an automatic quote for the service. If you then wish to instruct us to go ahead, the report will be produced by one of our team of trained and qualified inventory clerks.

When we carry out a property inventory report in Cambridge, Norfolk, or Suffolk, we make use of our own Reports2Go app which we developed initially in 2008 for the precise purpose of creating property reports which are accurate and don’t miss anything out. This app is available on the App Store and on Google Play and can be downloaded on to any mobile phone or tablet whether iOS or Android. The best news about it is that it is totally free to use, whether you are a landlord or agent or an independent inventory clerk!

The Reports2Go app can be used either in text mode or in audio mode, as you wish. In text mode you use our custom predictive keyboard and type up descriptions and conditions of everything as you go from room to room. The predictive algorithm will prompt you with suggestions as you go, so in the kitchen it will remind you to check items and contents and also, of course, doors, walls, ceiling, lighting, etc.

You can also take pictures as you go. The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of an inventory report it could not be truer. You should take lots of photos. If you can show a photo of the fridge door at check-in that is perfect, and then another at check-out which shows a big scratch on the door, there really cannot be a lot of argument about when it was caused and who is responsible.

Once you have finished taking inventory, you upload it to your portal on our server and it will be ready to download a few minutes later.

When you use the Reports2G app in audio mode, it actually makes taking the inventory even faster because you simply dictate your notes rather than typing them. When completed, you upload everything into your portal, and it will then be ready for you to type up when you get back to the office. If you prefer, you can have one of our team type up your report for you for a small fee, and this enables you to carry on undertaking inventory in another property, which is perfect if you are an inventory clerk.

Panos, 03 September 2021
The Reports2Go App makes Property Reports simple

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