Top features for inventory application for landlords/property managers

Is it getting difficult for you to manage your properties? Have you checked out Reports2Go’s free inventory app? With this application, you can streamline check-ins and check-outs, along with detailed reports of the property. Continue reading to learn the standout features of our free inventory application.

Ease of move-in or move-out inspections

The app is equipped with templates and custom fields for fixtures, rooms, appliances and also specific notes. You can fill it up to create a detailed checklist. This will ensure a detailed description of the rented property.

Moreover, you can click a picture to capture the condition of each item. These pictures will be time-stamped for evidence. On the reports, you can secure the landlord and tenant's signatures for accountability.

The pre-tenancy and post-tenancy reports can be easily compared to quickly identify damage and analyse potential deductions.

Helps with tracking maintenance

Using the app, you can create and assign maintenance and repair requests. You can even upload. You can use the maintenance checklist to ensure that repairs are completed on time. Use the lists to organise spare parts for common repairs so that procurement delays are reduced.

Improved documentation and communication

The app is equipped with functionality to allow your tenant to upload corrections to text and upload images so that reports are accurate and have had tenant feedback incorporated.

The documents, reports, and photos are stored in the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere. You can even share the reports with insurance companies, tenants and other relevant parties.

Assists with managing a larger portfolio

If you are managing a larger portfolio of property, our free inventory app is exactly what you need. It will help you organise your inventories across multiple properties and track them efficiently. You can even assign work to specific team members.

With the help of streamlined property management, you can ensure you are compliant with the changing rules and laws. You can check out our free inventory application for accurate documentation and report sharing. Our app allows you to compare the state of your property pre-tenancy and post-tenancy so you can quickly compare and draw up the expenses list. For more information, contact Reports2Go. We will be glad to give you a demo on how you can use our app to your advantage.

Dan, 16 February 2024
Top features for inventory application for landlords/property managers

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