The Best App for your Rental Property biz

Running a rental property business is not easy, right? You have to stay on top of a million things. One huge hassle? Property reports. Whew, what a pain! We have the perfect solution that'll make your life way easier.

Introducing our property inventory app! Yep, easy to use and super flexible...

What is this App all about?

Our app is like your new best friend for managing rental properties. It hooks you up with detailed reports for any type of rental - houses, apartments, student housing, you name it.

Want to make a report from scratch? No prob, the app's got you covered. Prefer using the web too? We have a slick portal that talks to the app so you can switch between them easily.

And get this - the app works on both iPhone and Android! Yeah, we know how to party on all the platforms.

Key Features:

  • Create amazing rental reports with all the details
  • Use it on your phone or your computer
  • Incredibly flexible plans whether you have 1 property or 100
  • Connected to that cool Arthur software for extra magic
Start with a free trial for 5 report or 1-week unlimited use. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want more… No problem, we've got optional paid plans too. Upgrade and you can:

  • Add your company Logo and Ts & Cs, customise cover pages, create template, create surveys for inspections
  • With unlimited Plans, make as many reports as you want
  • Get great support if you need help
Easy setup and top-notch Support

We made this app super simple to use. Our support team has your back. They're real users of the app too and ready to answer your questions.

And about that Arthur integration? Connecting the app is easy because we made them work together.

The housing market is heating up this year:

  • More buyers are locking in deals early
  • Home prices have been rising for several months straight
  • Sales are up compared to last year!
No market is perfect. Some challenges still exist, like:

  • Price sensitivity (buyers want a good deal)
  • Taking longer to sell some properties
  • Rising interest rates impacting things
But overall, positive vibes and recovery modes in the housing world. Knowing these trends helps you stay ahead of the game.

Go download our property inventory app right now and join hundreds of smart landlords, agents, and managers winning with our tech.

Panos, 02 May 2024
The Best App for your Rental Property biz

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