The Power of Check-In Reports

A check-in report might be a basic formality for some people. But in many regions and jurisdictions, it's viewed as a powerful document in landlord-tenant cases.

Having a signed check-in inspection can be the deciding factor in:

  • Tenancy deposit disputes
  • Proving tenant negligence or damages
  • Eviction proceedings over property destruction
  • Taking action to recoup repair costs
Arbitration puts significant weight on these reports when tenants try to claim pre-existing damage.

This is a bulletproof check-in inspection that shuts down any "he said, she said" arguments in their tracks. If you took a rental car back with a huge scratch, but had pics from the end of the rental period showing it was pristine, you'd be off the hook for damage costs. Same deal for tenancies - that check-in report is your card for false damage claims.

Do Check-In Report Matter That Much?

You might be thinking - "My properties are pretty basic. As long as the big stuff is covered in the tenancy agreement, do I need an inspection for every little ding and dent?"

The short answer - yes! Even minor damages can become big headaches without documentation.

Just one check-in report showing the bathroom fittings were pristine? Case closed - you win and the tenant has to pay up. For a little bit of effort upfront, it's the ultimate insurance policy against spurious claims.

Maybe you're sold on doing check-in inspections, but worried about the hassle and cost of paying an outside service every time. That's where Reports2Go's property inspection app comes in!

With Reports2Go, anyone can knock out check-in inspections in no time, without any special skills or training. Let's look at a few key tools that give our reports legal features:

Text Mode: Just type descriptions, and our smart keyboards automatically suggest common inventory terms. You'll create professional reports without even trying!

Timestamped Photos with Tags: Snap pics and our software will stitch them right into the right place report. Tag images to highlight specific issues.

Maintenance Log: Jot down any issues directly in the app. Then we'll compile a handy repair checklist for you or your team. Don't let little problems turn into big costs!

Get started today and put an end to move-out mayhem once and for all.

Gary, 28 June 2024
The Power of Check-In Reports

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