The Free App That'll Make You Love Inventory Reports

As a property manager, mid-term inspections are a dreaded task. They protect your property but cause real headaches. Scheduling back and forth, endless paperwork, and capturing every detail is maddening.

Good news! We've built a free mid-term inspection app for property managers like you. It helps keep rental properties in top shape.

Yes, we've built an app that'll make your life as a property manager infinitely easier. I'm talking about our free inventory report software – a true gem that you can snag from the App Store or Google Play with just a few taps. The app is a result of over fifteen years' worth of development designed to ease your workflow.

Our app allows you to create professional inventory reports directly from your mobile device.

This app offers a solution for all your property reporting needs. Need to document the condition of a rental before new tenants move in? Our check-in report feature has got you covered. Dealing with a move-out situation? The check-out report functionality ensures you have a detailed record of the property's state.

A mid-term (periodic) inspection is visiting rentals during active tenancies. The goal? Ensuring tenants follow the tenancy agreement and that repairs are caught early.

It's not one-sided. Inspections let renters flag issues needing your attention. Catching problems early prevents bigger, costlier nightmares.

Our Reports2Go app transforms boring mid-term inspections. No scrambling with pen and paper. It guides you through targeted surveys for all key inspection areas. Get yes/no questions, space for notes, and photo-taking abilities - all on your smartphone/tablet. You can visit our website and see a sample of these mid-term reports for yourself.

What really sets this app apart is how it brings landlords and tenants together. Your renters can add their own comments and observations right then and there, creating a transparent record of any issues or discrepancies.

Also, this app is completely free to download and there are no monthly subscription charges. A measly £1 + VAT fee for each mid-term inspection report you generate. Considering how much time and hassle it'll save you, that's a steal.

The mid-term inspection feature is just the tip of the iceberg. The same app can handle your:

  • Inventory Reports
  • Check-in Reports
  • Check-out Reports
covering every stage of the rental lifecycle.

Do not think too much about it. Ditch the old-school methods. Join the 21st century of stress-free rental inspections. Download the Reports2Go free mid-term inspection app today and get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Gary, 26 April 2024
The Free App That'll Make You Love Inventory Reports

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