Keeping Rental Properties in Top Shape

Establishing a systematic inspection process is invaluable for identifying issues early, documenting property conditions over time, avoiding large repair costs down the road, and protecting assets.

Why Regular Property Inspections Matter

Consistent property reviews and reports achieve several vital risk management, maintenance, and financial optimisation goals:

  • Verify the safety and function of appliances, electricity, plumbing, roof, etc. Identify and address problems before they become huge headaches or liability risks
  • Document conditions at move-in and move-out to support security deposit claims and prevent fraudulent damage claims. Photographic evidence verifies should disputes arise
  • Spot cleaning, landscaping, pest control, and cosmetic issues needing attention to meet habits and standards requirements in tenancy agreements. Enforce tenant duty of reasonable care
  • Plan preventative maintenance, repairs and upgrades proactively rather than reacting to emergencies. This reduces vacant periods and other income losses from deferred maintenance
  • Confirm spaces are being used as defined in tenancy agreements and local council rules. Protect from unauthorised sub-letting arrangements and liability risks
Modern Mobile Solutions Transform the Process

Managers can now build fully custom mobile inspection checklists aligned to their portfolios using our inspection software. Instant defect documentation with photos verifies should tenant damage become a dispute. Digital tracking and automated alerts enable better follow-up to address issues identified. Built-in reporting makes regular status checks and sharing condition updates with stakeholders a breeze rather than a major undertaking.

In short, mobile property reporting apps save massive amounts of time while significantly improving inspection consistency, property record keeping and operational visibility. Owners gain critical insights to proactively care for assets and maximise returns across their portfolios.

Reports2Go Offers Optimal Rental Inspection Software

Our periodic inspection software provides one of the most well-designed, easy-to-use rental inspection apps to meet essential documentation and condition-tracking needs. Core app features include:
  • Customisable templates to build property review checklists for different asset types while maintaining consistency. Attach photos and record precise defect details like size, location etc.
  • Flexible access online or through iOS/Android apps. Work fully mobile while on-site and manage all data through a centralised portal.
  • Automatic report compilation. Instantly access beautifully formatted reports after unit reviews. Critical before & after condition verification.
  • File storage and sharing capabilities to maintain all critical rental records and history digitally in one secure system.
  • Inventory clerk assistance. Lean on Reports2Go’s inventory clerk services to conduct and fulfil inspection requirements if desired.
Reports2Go also accommodates generating multi-page branded reports encompassing terms and conditions, company details, and further custom content that integrates with inspection findings.

Panos, 04 March 2024
Keeping Rental Properties in Top Shape

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