How do I avoid being an Overbearing Landlord?

Whether you are attracted to this post for the sheer drama, because you are entering the rental space as a newbie, or you are a seasoned but curious Landlord, here are some tips on steering clear of coming across as overbearing:

Cover your Back

A midterm inspection is a viable way to check up on your tenants. Use a free mid-term inspection app to complete this, hassle-free. Our website has oodles of information on how to make this dream a reality.

Understand that People are People

Unfortunately for us humans, we are not perfect. You are not, and neither are your tenants. During your days as a tenant, I am sure you hosted a loud birthday party or two, or had your Mum’s mid-life crisis puppy stay for the weekend. They shouldn't break the rules, but they will, a little. As long as they are sorry… leniency will be your admirable trait as a Landlord.

Expect some Mess

To begin with, you have no idea why someone moved into your property. They may have encountered an enormous lifestyle shift, a breakup, divorce or move down the country. Unfortunately, our minds can be our own worst enemies, and this can reflect our surroundings. Ask if your tenant is okay, and if you must approach the topic, take a slightly holistic approach. You will be respected as a person; chances are, that approach will drive them to clean up a little.

Anticipate Breakages, Spills and Maintenance

Unfortunately, human beings have accidents. We make mistakes… it’s often how we learn. We may accidentally iron something onto the carpet because we were never taught not to. We may accidentally trip on the stairs causing the carpet to pull out. In your property, wear may occur… and your current tenant may just be the final tear!

A free mid-term inspection can make a note of the wear, tear and breakages which have occurred so that you are kept up to date, and a mid-term inspection can be used as an excellent opportunity to gauge whether your tenants are respecting the property and whether being overbearing is a necessary evil!

Dan, 09 September 2022
How do I avoid being an Overbearing Landlord?

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