Mid-Tenancy Reports for HMOs

A mid-tenancy report following a property inspection is integral to your property’s tenacy life cycle. You can quickly address any potential repairs and issues, thereby reducing longer-term costs.

If you’re a landlord who has three or more tenants from at least two households in your property, your property is classed as an HMO. If you’re letting your property to 5 people or more, you need to have a licence from your local council.

Keeping your Property in Good Shape

As a responsible landlord, the onus is not only on the tenant to look after your property but on you too. This includes repairs such as electrical wiring, gas pipes and boilers, heating, drainage, etc.

Where tenants are concerned, they are responsible for ensuring they:

  • Keep the property interior clean
  • Keep it well-ventilated
  • Maintain the outside space in a reasonable state
  • Ensure their own electrical appliances are safe
  • Conduct minor maintenance such as replacing smoke alarm batteries, lightbulbs etc
If you want to check that all the above is being complied with, the most sensible way forward is to conduct a mid-tenancy report.

Things to Look Out For

If you’re conducting a mid-tenancy report for your HMO, aside from the usual checks, you may want to pay particular attention to the following:

Fire safety: Ensure you have installed and tested fire extinguishers and fire blankets and alarms. There should be a minimum of a working and tested smoke alarm on each floor, especially if the property has multiple occupants.

Tenants who sublet without your agreement or knowledge: they might want to share the rent or even make money from doing this. This could cause overcrowding, so you may need to be on the lookout. First, check that only the beds you provided are in the property or that bed numbers correspond with the tenants on the tenancy. Also, look outside to ensure that outbuildings are not occupied. Lastly, confirm if there are people other than the tenants present, that they are guests and not subletting. In such instances, you may want to rebook a further mid-tenancy inspection.

Mid-Tenancy Reports with Reports2Go

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Panos, 10 March 2023
Mid-Tenancy Reports for HMOs

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