Our Free Property Inventory App will save you a lot of time

Everyone in the world of residential letting agents agrees on the importance of an inventory, but the quality of inventory reports can vary considerably across the industry. The success or otherwise of deposit disputes can be determined largely by the quality of the inventory and the schedule of condition.

It is a fact that tenants today are disputing deposit reductions more and more, as it has become apparent to them that they have nothing to lose by doing so, since disputing it doesn’t cost them anything. If you are a tenant, what’s not to like? This is why accurate inventory is an essential factor in obtaining a fair result for your landlord. Yes, of course, there is such a thing as fair wear and tear, and it is not unknown for landlords to try and represent that as damage caused by the tenant. However, as a letting agent, you want to keep your landlords happy, and the way to do that is to produce an accurate check-in report, interim reports, and check-out report so that everything has been duly noted.

In fact, of course, interim reports are probably a major factor in noting any damage and also fair wear and tear as the tenancy proceeds. An interim report that is properly undertaken will highlight issues as they happens, well before the end of tenancy.

Of course, undertaking inventory is a time-consuming business and doesn’t add to the bottom line of a residential letting agent, so anything that can be done to speed the process up and make it more accurate is to be welcomed. Today, it is possible to get our free property inventory app which you can download to your mobile or tablet and will make the process of taking inventory so much more accurate and easy. You can get the Reports2Go app from Google Play or from the App Store; download it, and then use it to help you with the inventory.

You can use it in text mode and type up your notes as you go, and then you upload it to your portal on our server and it will be ready to download in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use it in audio mode and dictate descriptions and condition statement. Once the report media is uploaded to our portal, you can type it up yourself, or better still, have us do it for you, saving even more time.

Dan, 05 March 2020
Our Free Property Inventory App will save you a lot of time

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