What you need to know about Periodic Inspection Software

Periodic inspections are often called mid-term inspections. Periodic inspection software is a tool that helps an individual or a company to inspect a property periodically. Such software can provide a record of the property's condition, create a visual checklist of issues to look out for and help you to save time on your audits.

It can help you spot maintenance issues, highlight points to cover in inventory checks, and, most importantly, remind you when an inspection is due. In addition, it's a helpful tool for agents and landlords and can help you comply with property laws. Here, we'll cover the basics of this software and some examples of the best offerings on the market.

What are the benefits of periodic inspection software?

There are many reasons why periodic inspection is a critical aspect of property management. For one thing, the Fitness for Habitation Act of 2018 means it's the landlord's and, by extension, the agent's obligation to ensure homes are "safe and secure, warm and dry". Conversely, from the property's owner's side, it can help to identify the following:

  • Tenancy breeches
  • Illegal activity
  • Sub-letting
And potential issues such as smoking, pets and other common violations. For these reasons and others, property inspections are usually carried out every 3 to 6 months. However, those who manage many properties may need help to monitor and track property conditions over time. This is where periodic inspection software can help.

Best periodic inspection software

While taking inspection notes on paper is possible, the right periodic inspection software makes it easier to organize your thoughts and compare the property's condition between visits.

We’re introducing Reports2Go: Our top free software recommendation for your inspection needs.

The app allows you to take and organize property observations, add photos and videos, and pull up older versions of your inventory for comparison. You can also use its free dictation tools for more efficient note-keeping, ensuring no detail goes uncaptured. All information is compiled into a comprehensive period inspection report that lists the condition of each item, photo evidence, the date obtained, and a glossary of terms and conditions! Above all, the software needs to be quick on-site. Mid-terms inspections should take no more than 15-20mins to limit the inconvenience and intrusion.

Reports2Go is entirely free to download for Android and iOS. Visit our website to learn more.

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Panos, 16 December 2022
What you need to know about Periodic Inspection Software

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