Why you need to use Free Check-in report software

A property check-in report is a document that provides an overview of the condition of the property, including security, safety and maintenance issues. It is used to ensure that the property is available for occupancy. The report includes a list of scheduled maintenance items, as well as a list of any damages and usually covers property inventory.

While a check-in report is usually the standard for most landlords and agents, there are times when tenants can feel like it is a tedious or unnecessary step in the move-in process. And it isn’t uncommon for property managers to overlook certain aspects of this process, which can become significant issues down the line. As such, they are critical in preventing discrepancies between check-in and checkout.

A free check-in report tool doesn’t just offer a way for property managers to conduct check-ins smoothly but also a way to ensure tenants understand the importance of the process.

What your check-in report should include

According to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, a check-in report must record the following:

  • Utility and relevant meter readings
  • An inventory of the content (i.e. appliances, fixtures, fittings, and decoration) both within the property and any outdoor spaces attached to the property, such as the driveway, garden, fencing or garage.
  • The level of cleanliness of each item in the inventory.
  • The status and condition of each item within the property.
The more thorough this description, the more ground you will have should any disputes arise. A free check-in report can be submitted digitally to the tenant for them to conduct this check themselves. Or you can do it together to ensure both parties are in agreement.

Free check-in report apps

While many property owners and agents work with check-in templates, having an app to help write and store your report is a great way to speed up the process. It also ensures you’ve covered all facets of check-in.

There are many that offer a free 30 day-trial that gives you access to customisable check-in reporting and side-by-side inventory reports. They even allow you to grant clients/tenants access to your reports.

But if you want a completely free app, we recommend the Reports2Go Inventory app. This app gives free reports for check-in, checkouts, inspection and inventory that you can access on an Android or iOS device on the go. In addition, it has built-in predictive text for creating your reports and different fillable sections for maintenance, appliances, and inventory items.

Gary, 30 December 2022
Why you need to use Free Check-in report software

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