Text Mode

Text mode utilises the same technologies as the audio mode but enhances the experience and can vastly speed up your workflow whilst representing the best value to you. Descriptions are input into the device straight in front of you which means there is no delay on delivery, once the report has been completed it will be ready to download and send on.

Text can be input in multiple ways, using the built-in keyboard and predictor that comes with your phone. Using our built-in, custom designed and inventory specific, predictive keyboard we call Intelligent Keyboard Engine (IKE) TM. Finally, should you have the internet available via Wi-Fi or cellular, you can utilise the dictation provided by your phones digital assistant. The combination of all of these modes allows Text mode to be used effectively and quickly whatever your situation.

The pros of text mode are, instant report turnaround, as soon as you send your report through to the server the report is generated and made available for download. Free reports are also available with this option.

Ben, 27 October 2018
Text Mode

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