Recording your Property's Lifecycle

A rental property or property portfolio of several properties can be a sound financial investment. However, it is essential to protect that investment, so your property is maintained to a high standard and doesn’t develop long term maintenance issues.

One way of ensuring landlords maintain a consistent record of the state of their property is through a condition report. Condition reports can be produced when tenants move in, at periodic intervals throughout their tenancy and when they leave (and before their deposit is returned).

Ignoring this simple method of keeping track of a property’s life cycle could result in costly maintenance and repairs that are easily avoided if landlords keep on top of things. Administration can often feel like a time-consuming effort, but there are ways in which this can be simplified.

Out with the Old

There was a time when inventory clerks or landlords would have to spend hours manually noting down the condition of a property while simultaneously taking photos. It was time-consuming, tedious, and inevitably resulted in delays. For example, tenants would have to wait until a condition report was typed up before having their deposit refunded.

In with the New

Thankfully, today, it’s much simpler to record your property’s life cycle. Enter free condition report software via a free downloadable app. This valuable tool allows landlords and inventory clerks to create impartial, fair, and transparent reports on a property

This means that if there are any deductions to be made to a deposit are reasonable and quickly backed up with digital evidence, including images that are time-stamped. In addition, any damage, including pre-existing damage, is documented.

Our Free Condition Report Software

Our app is free to download via Google Play or the Apple App Store. Landlords and inventory clerks can use the software to fully document a property’s life cycle from inventory, tenant check-in, mid-term inspections and tenant check-out.

For example, it can be used to create a free condition report a few days before a tenant moves in. Then, when the tenancy begins, the software can be used to conduct an inventory report with the tenant present. Minor adjustments to the condition report can be made at this stage, and meter readings can be added.

Using such software speeds up the administrative side of managing a property and need only take a matter of hours vs the days spent in the past. Save time and record your property’s life cycle using our free condition report software.

Panos, 04 November 2022
Recording your Property's Lifecycle

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