Goodbye Manual Forms, Hello Automated Check-out Apps

When a tenant moves out of a rental property, landlords must conduct a thorough check-out inspection and create a detailed check-out report. This report documents the condition of the unit when the tenant vacates and is vital for securing your asset, recouping damage, and avoiding disputes.

Our property report app allows landlords to easily create customisable, professional reports right from their smartphones. Read on for tips on carrying out check-out inspections and crafting comprehensive reports.

Conducting the Move-Out Inspection

  • Schedule the inspection - Provide sufficient notice to the tenant and agree on a mutually convenient time for the walkthrough. Avoid conducting surprise inspections.
  • Document existing damages - Carefully assess any pre-existing wear and tear not caused by the tenant. Note these in your report under a separate section.
  • Be systematic - Methodically move through the property checking all areas and features. Work from the exterior inwards.
  • Record proof - Take date-stamped photos and/or videos documenting the property's condition. Capture any cleaned areas, damages, repairs needed etc.

Tips for Creating Solid Reports

Follow these tips for constructing check-out reports that communicate the property's post-tenancy condition:
  • Be objective - Stick to factual descriptions and evidence-based observations. Avoid subjective statements on cleanliness, quality etc.
  • Be precise - Use specific and consistent terminology. For example, note a "1-inch diameter hole on drywall" versus a "small hole."
  • Note location - When documenting damages, describe exactly where they are located.
  • Quote repair estimates - Research and quote reasonable costs to fix tenant damages.
  • Review lease - Double check for any cleaning, repairs etc the tenant was responsible for per the rental agreement.
  • Send promptly - Submit the report to the tenant soon after the inspection while the details are still fresh.
  • Format logically - Organise information under clear sections and headings for easy readability.
  • Include tenant response - Add provisions for the tenant to dispute items in writing.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Reports

Manual reporting using paper forms can be exhausting. Streamline the process with mobile technology instead:
  • Conduct onsite inspections using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use pre-designed templates to configure reports with key requirements.
  • Insert photos and videos directly into reports with time stamps.
  • Manage all documents and evidence in one organised platform.
  • Share reports instantly via email or text.
  • Update reports continually as repairs are completed.
  • Digitally store completed reports to access indefinitely.
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Dan, 05 January 2024
Goodbye Manual Forms, Hello Automated Check-out Apps

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