The Importance of Property Inspections Post-Covid

Although infections from COVID-19 continue, domestic legal restrictions ended on 24 February 2022. During the pandemic, viewings and inspections continued, and guidance was issued to agents registered with ARLA PropertyMark and other associations to ensure members protected themselves and their clients during such difficult times.

Agents sought guidance on dealing with maintenance issues such as leaking pipes or faulty boilers or managing a situation where a tenant was vulnerable, isolated or battling COVID.

Post-lockdown, it’s essential that periodic property inspections are not forgotten to assess potential repairs and maintenance. Anyone inspecting a property may find there is a build-up of jobs to be done as a result of several reasons, including:

Tenants not reporting non-essential repairs during lockdown

  • Tenants who are still vulnerable and self-isolating due to a COVID-positive result
  • Shortage of maintenance professionals due to sickness and/or managing their own work backlog
  • Landlords postponing periodic inspections during the height of the pandemic
One way to speed up any backlog is to use periodic inspection software.

What’s This?

Periodic inspection software can be used on an iOS or Android phone or tablet, into which you enter text descriptions of aspects of each room and upload supporting images. The purpose of using such a digital tool is to speed up the process and conduct an inspection in a low-key and sensitive manner.

If you're in a situation where tenants you had to postpone are now in touch regarding outstanding repairs, or you're catching up with periodic inspections, free periodic inspection software can help you catch up.

Why it’s important to catch-up with Periodic inspections

Whether you have a list of repairs reported by tenants, conducting these inspections is still essential. Tenants may overlook issues you do until the problem becomes much larger. By getting on top of inspections, you can protect yourself from potentially more expensive repairs, safety issues and minor repairs that are a bugbear when a tenant moves out.

A periodic inspection can also be used to check a tenant’s welfare, especially if they have lived alone during COVID.

Contact us today to learn more about our free periodic inspection software and other essential tools. It’s free to download the app that can speed up the entire property report lifecycle from check-in to check-out.

Gary, 12 August 2022
The Importance of Property Inspections Post-Covid

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