Our App makes creating a Schedule of Condition so much faster and more Accurate

A schedule of condition is something that every landlord should produce with regard to his property when it is rented to a new tenant. It is also known as an inventory report, and it should detail the condition of everything in the property including the walls, flooring, ceilings, lighting, and so on.

The landlord or their agent will go through the property making notes of everything that is there, and in particular any wear and tear or damage. So, for instance, there could be a chip in the bathroom basin, and that has to be noted so that it cannot later be said to be the fault of the new tenant. This is fair to both parties, because if there is no chip at the outset and there is one at the end of the tenancy, then it is obviously the responsibility of the tenant. Ideally, photos should be taken of any such damage so that there can be no argument.

The landlord or agent will carry out a further schedule of condition at the end of the tenancy which is then compared with the original one. Any damages are the responsibility of the tenant, but the landlord is responsible for fair wear and tear. Carpets are things that wear over time simply by getting walked on, and that is not the fault of the tenant. Sofas get sat on.

Ideally, The Tenant Should Be Present

Ideally, the tenant should be present when the schedule is first noted, and it should be carried out on the day the tenant moves in or just before. When the tenant is present, both they and the landlord or agent can agree on the condition of everything. If the tenant is not present for any reason, then a copy of the schedule should be provided on moving in day and the tenant allowed a few days to check that they agree with it all before signing it.

When a landlord only has one or two properties to let, then creating property reports is not going to be an onerous task. However, some letting agents have a couple of hundred properties on their books and carrying out inventory, as it is also known, can be a full-time job. Indeed, there are organisations such as Property mark Inventories or the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks whose members do it for a living.

Now, obviously they want to do two main things. They want their inventory to be extremely accurate for their clients, and they want to carry out each inventory as quickly as possible. Not for them a notebook and clipboard.

They will use apps such the one that we have created at Reports2Go. Anyone can download it to their mobile or tablet, and then they can type up their notes to it as they go through each property. The app will prompt them as they go through the property so that they don’t miss anything out.

This is so much faster than writing it out by hand, and it also virtually guarantees accuracy. They then upload it to our servers, and they can have the report in a professional format a few minutes later.

Panos, 18 February 2022
Our App makes creating a Schedule of Condition so much faster and more Accurate

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