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It was not so many years ago that an inventory clerk had to visit a property with a clipboard, pad, biro, and camera, and take down notes of the condition of the property and its contents by hand.

Then it was a case of going back to the office, typing up all the hand-written notes, adding photographs to the report, and so on. Turnaround time could be days.

How things have changed since we got the internet, mobile phones, and tablets! No doubt there are some inventory clerks who still do use the old methods, but they are probably few and far between. Now we have apps that can help considerably with taking inventory, check-in and check-out reports, along with mid-term reports.

This can help to speed up the process of taking inventory by some measure – provided you get the right app. There are apps and there are apps. Some of them are very basic indeed and really don’t cover everything you need. If they do offer more than just the basics, this is usually an add-on for which you have to pay.

Our inventory app at Reports2Go does cover everything you need and more. You have a lot of options. What’s more our app is free to download, and you can choose how you use it – either in text mode or in audio mode.

Without doubt, audio mode makes for the shortest amount of time out on site. You simply switch on the app and dictate your comments as you go from room to room. There is no limit on the amount of dictation that you use. You can add photos as you go. Then you can upload it to your portal, and you have another choice. You can download it back at the office and type it up yourself, or alternatively, you can save even more time by having us type it up for you. We do, of course, charge a small fee if you want us to type it up for you, and the turnaround time is a standard 48 hours. However, many of our users feel it is worth paying us to transcribe for them because they can spend their time doing more important things than typing. If you want the report typed up faster, you can upgrade for a small fee to one day or same day turnaround.

You can also use the app in text mode. In this mode you simply type up your comments as you go from room to room using our intelligent keyboard technology to help you. The keyboard technology understands the context of sections such as curtains, lighting, carpets, and so on, and offers appropriate words to use as you type in the descriptions. Using the app in text mode is completely free, although we do offer some optional paid enhancements.

In order to access your report, you simply login at the top of the page using the same credentials that you used to register the app in the first place. You will receive an email when the reports are ready. You can also access the reports for as long as you keep your account active. In order to do that, you must login at least once in every six months.

So, to summarise, the Reports2Go app is free to download and you can use it in either text mode or audio mode. If you use text mode, your report will be ready to download from your portal within minutes. In audio mode you can download and type it up yourself or you can have us do it for you for the small fee. The choice is yours.

Dan, 29 May 2020
Our inventory app at Reports2Go does cover everything you need and more. It is free to download, and you can choose how you use it – either in text mode or in audio mode.

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