How to maintain a Positive Relationship with your Tenant

There is undoubtedly stress in any client/customer relationship. In a commercial transaction boundaries need clear definition. Along with that an environment needs to be created such that any doubts or questions can be raised and addressed straightforwardly.

While you may consider yourself a naturally friendly or warm person, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to avoid any and all disputes with your tenants. Being sympathetic and seeing the other point of view does not mean that you have to compromise your interests.

When it comes to maintaining good relationships in the landlord-tenant dynamic, it’s important to uphold strong levels of professionalism at all times. We explore a few ways you can do this.

Communicate with Courtesy and be Accessible
Keeping things friendly and professional with your tenant is the best way for a successful real estate business to thrive. Ensuring that you are accessible and available to address issues is key. You may not be looking after the property directly – there may be a managing agent involved – but you might consider providing your contact details in case of an urgent need.

Basic principles of politeness as well as doing what you can to show your tenants that you appreciate them. For example, letting them know when repairs will be made in advance, or asking them if there are any issues with the property, can help to build trust and goodwill.

Document Everything
Have a space cleared out for documentation for each property. A how-to-use folder covering the operation of the property and key manuals is a must. Beyond this maintain a copy of all certificates, guides and manuals.
Reports on the property covering electrical checks, EPCs, inventory, condition and check-out reports, need to be in one place along with a record of ad-hoc communications such as emails.

Set clear Expectations
The landlord-tenant relationship requires clear expectations and communication like most other relationships. Communication must be two-way. Provide the rule book early so everyone know the procedures and process to follow.

Doing the best to meet a tenant’s expectations without over promising is important. The tenant needs to know the do’s and don’ts and the consequences of not following through. An example might be the need to ensure a post-tenancy professional clean. It would be important, in this case, that the tenant knows without any doubt that such a clean must be carried out and the lack of one will result in a deduction from the deposit.

Keep Promises
If you tell your tenant you are going to do something, do your utmost to complete the task when you said you would.Delays or setbacks are a great way to erode trust between landlords and tenants. If something has cropped that needs extra time, then communicate it as soon as you know.

Don’t Overstep Boundaries
Even if you have a good relationship with your tenants, it is always a great idea to check with hem before you visit. It is someone’s home after all.

Respecting the boundaries is a must when keeping a tenant happy. So whether things are an emergency, or not, call or contact them by email to arrange the best time to visit.

Do Your Job as a Landlord
You have a number of responsibilities as a landlord. Keeping up the fabric of the building in good condition as well as ensuring repairs are carried out quickly and professionally. If you or your managing agency fall short of any maintenance or repair issues, acknowledge and take ownership of the issue.

If you would like to find out more about how Reports2Go can help you maintain professional, friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with your tenants, get in touch or take a look at our various services and tools, such as our popular check-out reports.

Gary, 11 December 2020
How to maintain a Positive Relationship with your Tenant

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