New plans and improved resolution for images

Our Android and iOS apps are in a constant development cycle. We add new features, update internal infrastructure and technologies all the time.

The latest two updates have introduced very significant changes: one concerns pricing and the other image resolution.

Pay Ahead™ Plans

We have had a PAYG model right from the outset. You have been able to pay for enhancements such as own logo and Ts & Cs on a report-by-report basis for some time. Same applies to being able to edit a report, say, after having completed and sent it to the tenant. Often the tenant needs to have the report updated with missed items or existing damage. This is where the edit feature comes in – it allows you to update the report and regenerate it.

All PAYG features are convenient for occasional use but many of our customers have been asking for a pay one fee for a period feature. So, we have introduced one. We call these Pay Ahead™ plans. You pay ahead for a week, month or a year in one go. The interval can start at any time and will end 7, 30 or 365 days after the start date. During that interval all reports edits and enhancement are included for unlimited reports. This represents fantastic value over PAYG.

The second major feature that we have released, effective today, is the ability to change the resolution of images. We now offer three modes: Default, Low and High.

If you don’t change any settings, images will be captured at the Default setting. This setting is actually double the resolution of the previous default setting. So, we have improved the out-of-box resolution by a factor of two. The previous default is now the Low setting. The images taken in Low setting are smaller, so, if space is an issue, you might want to produce the report with Low setting.

High setting is double the resolution of Default, give or take. For reports that need that extra detail, you can choose this setting. Images will, of course, be larger and the report size will be correspondingly larger too.

Now, if you are a paying customer, you will see more detail in reports with the Default setting and High setting. Images are crisper and sharper. If you are using the free service, images on the report will appear the same as before. However, images will be stored on the server at the Default, or High resolution, whichever you’ve selected. If you pay and regenerate the report, you will see the resolution improved.

Coming soon are improvements to the portal. In the meantime, enjoy our new features.

Gary, 25 June 2021

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