How the free Reports2Go inventory app works

The Tenant Deposit Scheme rules do not require landlords or their agents to carry out inventory or check-in or check-out reports. This is in much the same way that the law does not require landlord to have PAT tested electricals, at least until July 1, 2020, when it will become mandatory in England and Wales. However, three-quarters of landlords already have appliances PAT tested.

Similarly, good practice and suggests that if inventory and check-in and check-out reports are not carried out, it can be difficult to convince both the tenant and an adjudicator that a deduction from the tenant’s deposit is fair.

Carrying out inventory and check-in and check-out reports can be very time-consuming, especially if you still do it the 20th century way with a clipboard and biro. This is why we produced the Reports2Go app which is a free inventory clerk app that will save you a considerable amount of time when undertaking inventory and other reports

The Reports2Go app can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play to your mobile or laptop and it can be used in one of two modes. To carry out the inventory you go on site and work through each room describing the condition as you go. The app has a predictive text algorithm that will provide suggestions for each room – windows, door, ceiling lights, bath, shower, and so on – to make sure that you don’t miss anything. It is surprising just how much time this will save you. When you have finished, you simply upload the media to your portal on our server and it will be ready to download a few minutes later - probably before you have got back to the office.

In audio mode it is probably even faster, because you don’t have to type anything but merely dictate as you go. This is recorded directly into your mobile or tablet. When you have finished, you upload it to your portal and then have a choice: back at the office type it up yourself, or you can have our staff do it for you for a fee. In both cases the completed report will be sent to your portal from where you can download it.

Gary, 01 April 2020
How the free Reports2Go inventory app works|| Free Reports2Go inventory app

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