Streamline Property Management with Free Schedule of Condition

At Reports2Go, we understand the challenges rental property owners and managers face in keeping up with maintenance, documentation, and communication for their properties. Creating detailed check-in, interim, and check-out condition reports can be time-consuming and repetitive. That's why we developed an intuitive web and mobile solution to simplify generating free schedules of conditions.

Benefits of Using Our Software for Reports

Streamlining the process of completing walkthrough inspection reports provides multiple advantages:

  • Save time by leveraging standardised, customisable templates
  • Increase organisation and consistency using structured report formats
  • Enhance communication by automatically sharing documentation with tenants
  • Protect assets with photographic evidence of property condition over time
  • Minimise disputes thanks to comprehensive, unbiased documentation
With Reports2Go, creating these free schedules is fast, organised, and efficient.

Key Features for Completing Reports

Our easy-to-use web portal and mobile apps include numerous features to assist in thoroughly documenting rental property condition reports:

Structured Report Templates
  • Customisable templates for various report types - initial, interim, final
  • Standard sections for condition details, meter readings, cleaning, damages
  • Flexible additions of free text, photos, videos, electronic signatures
Time-Saving Functionalities
  • Save partial reports to finish later
  • Duplicate past reports for recurring use
  • Use multi-column reports and deal with differences only
Mobile Accessibility
  • iOS and Android apps with full functionality
  • Offline mode to complete reports without internet access
  • Prepare report on portal and complete on-site
Handy Integrations
  • Drag-and-drop file uploads from your device's camera roll or gallery
  • Direct sharing of completed reports through email or messaging
  • Allow tenant comments using a link
Creating Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Reports

Documenting a property's condition during move-in and move-out is essential for providing tenants with acceptable premises, limiting disputes, and supporting any claims for damages or refundable deposits. Reports2Go helps simplify and organise this documentation through:

Move-In Inspection Reports
This baseline documentation protects landlord interests by:

  • Supporting "clean slate" for new tenants
  • Detailing existing defects not caused by tenants
  • Recording important details like meter readings
Move-Out Inspection Reports
Conducting joint tenant walkthroughs during move-out allows for agreement about damages and condition expectations. The Reports2Go templates facilitate this process by:

  • Allowing side-by-side comparisons to initial documentation
  • Providing structure for assessing cleanliness, damages, and repairs needed
  • Enabling condition status, expenses, and refund calculations
Interim Status Updates & Ongoing Maintenance Logs

In addition to move-in and move-out checklists, Reports2Go also provides useful functionality for ongoing maintenance documentation between tenancies.

Reports2Go facilitates the easy generation of schedules of condition reports through versatile web-based and mobile tools to save time and support property care best practices. Sign up today!

Panos, 22 March 2024
Streamline Property Management with Free Schedule of Condition

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