Preparing Inventory Reports with Ease

Keeping track of your property's condition is vital. Regular inspections and inventory reports help protect your investment, provide transparency, and document any damage or repairs needed from use over time. However, creating thorough inventory reports can be very time-consuming without the right tools.

That's why Reports2Go offers a free end-of-tenancy app to streamline rental inspections and provide tenants an easy way to complete detailed, customisable inventory reports.

Streamlining Inspections with Our Free App

Completing start and end-of-lease inspections for rental turnovers can be exhausting. Landlords and property managers struggle to keep up with documenting asset conditions across multiple properties while coordinating tenant walkthroughs. At the same time, tenants may feel pressured to do last-minute scrambles documenting any existing issues they notice upon move-in.

Reports2Go solves these pains by equipping all parties with an easy way to carry out detailed inventories. Our app produces unified reports signed off by landlords and tenants, creating transparency and protecting all sides if any disputes emerge down the road. Even better, the app offers a free trial for end-of-tenancy reporting with PAYG and paid plans that unlock more features.

With Reports2Go, users can:

  • Access the tool as a mobile app or web portal for ultimate flexibility
  • Choose from pre-set report templates or customise inventories from scratch
  • Easily flag and document defects, damage, repairs needed, safety issues, etc. discovered during inspections
  • Use both text and audio mode
  • Review key summary information on dashboard overviews
  • Create single reports for entire rental units or individual rooms like HMO properties
  • Configure reports to match needs – add logos, headers, branded themes, terms and conditions etc. in the paid version.
Whether you manage single unit properties or large multi-occupancy rentals, our end-of-tenancy app provides robust tools to carry out professional inventories with little learning curve. The reports not only aid documenting asset condition changes over time but also help set clear expectations between landlords and tenants on what constitutes acceptable use.

App Features and Capabilities

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Reports2Go app makes inspections efficient whether on-site or remote. With tablet and mobile apps synchronised to web dashboard access, users hold extensive capabilities when conducting rental inventories, including:

  • Multi-page reports with data fields covering every inspectable area and asset type
  • Auto-save abilities to prevent losing progress with intermittent connectivity
  • Voice clip recording to verbalise issues not demonstrable in pictures
  • Signatures
  • Property and room labelling for clear categorisation
  • Secure cloud hosting and back-up capabilities
  • Custom look and feel with branding, themes, headers etc.
Get started with our free trial end-of-tenancy app or learn about premium paid plans unlocking more advanced functionality.

Dan, 29 March 2024
Preparing Inventory Reports with Ease

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